When do you start your fall class?

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    When do your classes start, and what are you taking?

    Ours start Tuesday September 3rd
    7 week of medical surgical nursing ,1st half of semester
    7 weeks of psychiatric nursing , second half

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    I'll be starting my 2nd semester on 8/26. I'll be taking med/surg I and mental health. Both classes have a lecture, lab and clinical component.
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    August 19th to December something. We have 5 weeks of peds, 5 weeks of ob, and 5 weeks of geriatrics with 15 weeks to get our precepting hours in.
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    Last semester!! I start August 20th. I have Advanced Medical Concepts and an ethics class, then the second part of the semester we have preceptor! Almost done!!
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    Fourth semester starts August 26th. Adult Health II (lecture and clinical) peds (lecture and clinical) and community (lecture and clinical).
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    I start my 3rd and final year of NS on August 27th. I'm taking adult health 2 with a clinical and nursing leadership and management. I can also audit an adv patho class which I may do as well. Good luck to everyone in their fall classes!
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    I start my very first semester of nursing school on August 26th. My Concepts of Nursing class goes all semester from August to December. Medication Administration, Medication Administration Lab, and Nursing Lab go the first eight weeks of the semester from August to mid-October. Then, I have my Nursing Clinical from mid-October to the end of the semester. Good luck to everybody! :-) We can do this!
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    I begin my first semester of nursing school on August 28. My classes are:

    - Holistic Health Assessment
    - Healthy Aging
    - Nursing Informatics
    - Foundations of a Caring Profession
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    Fall semester for my school starts August 19, my first class is August 20. Our schedule is 3 days a week which includes lecture, Skills Lab, and clinicals (which start toward the end of September).
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    August 26th... I've got Med/Surg 12 hr shifts til October and Psych is two 6 hr shifts til December. Also taking lecture classes for these courses and a research methods class.

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