What is your school's grading scale like? - page 3

Just curious what other schools grading scales are like. I'm in an RN program. 94-100= A 93-89= B 82-88= C Anything under an 82% even an 81.9999999 is failing :(... Read More

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    I could keep going on down to an F but anything below an 84% is basically failing. You can have a low grade here and there on assignments and quizzes and test but if your overall grade ended up at anything below an 84% then you failed that class. Do it twice and your out of the program. We also had drug calculation quizzes at the beginning of every term that you have to pass with 100% or you can't pass meds at clinical until that is achieved. Good times!!!!

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    Anything less than a 73% considered failing. But my program is very vigorous and people still fail/drop out.

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