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  1. vc01ca

    Should I quit? Idk what to do!

    I'm 35 years old. Yeah, the retirement benefits are great. Not many hospitals offer it. As far as long term goals as some of you asked, I'm not totally sure. I want to get my BSN, which I'm almost done with. I thought of the idea of getting a masters at some point, which I have no idea in what. I figured at some point in my later career I end up at the second job because the stress is less, but I was thinking more like when I was in my 50s. Ugh! Decisions! Lol
  2. vc01ca

    Should I quit? Idk what to do!

    Thanks for the replies. My family think it's crazy to leave a job farther away for less money. But then the folks I work with at the full time job think I'm crazy for not jumping at the opportunity. Our unit at my full time job has really gone down hill and we have a lot of people leaving d/t all the changes with management. Basically it boils down to I know I'd be happier at the second job, but I'd also not make as much.
  3. vc01ca

    Should I quit? Idk what to do!

    I've been an RN for two years. I've worked two jobs since then. I'm stuck in a dilemma and don't know what to do. Okay so my full time job is in critical care, 2 miles from my house making a little over $26 an hour base plus differentials so in total I get $30 on a weekday and $32 on a weekend. I love what I do but the department keeps getting worse and worse d/t management and we are always short staffed. I have worked at this hospital for a total of 5 years (I was an aide before becoming an RN). I get about 6 weeks pto, but I'm only allowed to use 2 weeks per department policy. The rest we have to use if we call off or we can cash in. I'm almost done with my BSN and our tuition reimbursement is $5250 a year. My second job is my contingent job at a small county hospital in a geriatric, behavioral unit. I also pick up in med surg and icu if needed. This hospital is small and most people get shipped out to the hospital where I work full time if they have anything remotely serious going on. Even it's something like PN or a NSTEMI because they don't have a cardiologist or pulmonologist on staff. So at the second job I was offered a ft position in the behavioral unit. My base pay would be $23 an hour with differentials. So I'd make about $27 on a weekday and about $30 on a weekend. It's 20 miles from my house, but I could stay with my mom cause she lives near by if I need to. I'd start out with only 2 weeks PTO, get sick pay and my tuition reimbursement would be $1000. It's state retirement and slightly better insurance. Staffing is always great. It's rare to work understaffed there. What would you do? Thanks for reading!
  4. Yes, Id be able to get right back in. No waitlist, the last semester is the smallest since most people have either quit or failed out.
  5. I also wanted to add since I'm paying out-of-pocket if I just take the BSN generals I would be able to work more and make more money to pay for my tuition when I return to my last semester of nursing school. Since being in school I'm really strapped for cash. Also I'm an older student at 32 years old with bills and a mortgage. Thanks again.
  6. Hello everyone. I was looking for some advice. I am currently a nursing assistant at a hospital. I've had about four years experience. I was considering taking my last semester of nursing school off and working on BSN generals. I'm currently in an associates RN program and I've worked on some BSN generals before clinicals and I have about four left to complete. After I graduate with my RN the rest of my BSN classes will be online. So my dilemma is do I finish up the BSN generals that I need which are actual in school classes and then go on to my last semester of nursing school in summer semester or just go ahead and finish it this spring? The reason I'm considering this is I would have to drive about 50 miles twice a week one way for clinicals during the winter months and I'm also paying out-of-pocket. Where I work I'm almost guaranteed to have an RN job after I graduate but they have a real push towards BSN nurses. So I would have all my BSN generals done if I dont go next semester and once I do finish my last semester of RN school then all my classes for the rest of my BSN would be online so there would be no school work schedule conflict. What would you do? Thanks for your help!
  7. vc01ca

    What is a "passing grade" for your nursing program?

    We have to have an 82%. No rounding. 81.999 fails. Our math test each semester has to be at least a 90%. Its a tough program. Only a handful of people make it through without failing anything. My original class was 60 students. Only like 6 people ended up making it straight through to graduation. Our nclex rates are one of the highest in the state and they intend to keep it that way. Its sad how many people fail each semester and have to come back and repeat and spend more and more money. Its a 4 semester ADN program. If it was longer I think we may have more people continue on through.
  8. vc01ca

    Question for cnas in ltc

    I worked at an LTC that had similar positions as these. I know the scheduler had over 20 yrs experience as a CNA and had been in the scheduler position for maybe 5 yrs. Our two central supply CNAs were there roughly 7-8 yrs. So my assumption was just people who got those jobs held on to them and when there were openings the higher seniority people got them. We had a very high turnover rate. Most people didn't last 6 months. I worked there 2 yrs and there were only about 4 CNAs that worked the floor like me who had been there longer.
  9. So my clinicals for med surg will be at the same hospital I work at and in the same dept I work in. The school knows I work there and work knows Im in school, so its not a problem in that aspect. Ive actually did one set of clinicals there already for OB. Basically our school places us by location and tell us if we feel uncomfortable going to a place we have or currently work at then they can change us. At first I was thrilled to be going there again. I am familiar with the charting and the layout of the unit. Plus I know a lot of people. On the plus side I wont be a total "newbie" and I may be able to help my fellow students with simple things like where to chart what or how the beds work or whatever. Then I was thinking about how on the negative side I would know a lot of the staff. Obviously Im still a student and still learning, so I know Im not expected to know everything, but I don't want to look stupid in front of nurses I work with. Most of the nurses I work with are super nice, but I feel like if I make mistake they might think Im an idiot. What would you do? The other clinical location is an hour away from my house. It is also a teaching hospital. My hospital is 2 miles away and is not a teaching hospital. Thanks for your help!!
  10. vc01ca

    Hocking College Nelsonville, OH

    It took me 3 years to complete the preclinical classes. That was my choice though as I went to school part time while working full time. I started summer of 2010 then finally got in clinical at the beginning of 2013. So the clinical start date worked out perfect for me as I had finished all my generals. I would recommend getting all the generals out of the way before clinicals. Its too much with clincals and pharm classes. Plus if you go the RN route anything under an 82% is failing so you want to keep those grades up. Yes they admit students year round. Each semester they take 60 students.
  11. vc01ca

    Can't get a job in the hospital, even with experience

    Take whatever you can get and then transfer later. I worked at an LTC for 2 years and hated the place due to the way it was ran. I tried and tried to get a hospital job at our local hospital. Applied for probably 100 tech/cna jobs , interviewed 6 times, and still nothing. One day I said screw it applied to every possible job and ended up working in dietary of all places. I transferred after 6 months and now work on a med surg floor. I don't regret my decision. I took a step back to move two steps forward. I have a friend who will not settle for a "low" job like dietary or housekeeping. Well 2 years later she is still working in LTC and applying for the same hospital job I am now doing.
  12. Thanks for this. Your reply made me feel a lot better. Your right, LPN students are not learning what we are learning. They are two different programs.
  13. I've talked to other school and some general credits will apply but not the actual nursing classes. Plus there is the issue with financial aid as well. Its kind of hard to explain, but it just wouldn't be a good option for me to switch at this point. I keep in contact with former classmates who have switched and they had to start at the beginning of the program. The programs in my area that are close didn't have the option to test out for the LPN. Its either choose an LPN, RN, or BSN route.
  14. Thanks for posting guys. I do appreciate it. I actually failed a semester before and think that's part of why I have no confidence that I will finish this semester. While I did come back and repeat it and learned more the second time around, I feel like this semester is going to be a repeat of the last. Before i officially flunked the previous semester I asked one of my instructors for help and was told I should just be an LPN if I wasn't getting it. I think that just kind of stuck with me. I ended up with an 81.6 in that semester, so I barely failed it. I was just shy of the 82% i needed. Thanks again for everyone's positive messages. Maybe I just needed to vent a little. I'm going to try to stick it out and do the best I can. If I fail and end up going the LPN route then I will just come back to the RN program later and try again. All I can do is my best!!
  15. Thanks for everyone's help. I think a lot of problem is I don't feel ready to be an RN and I'm also scared to be one. I'm scraping by with my grades. I feel like our instructors fly through our info and I don't even have time to properly study it. I thought maybe being an LPN for a while may help me feel more confident and I could learn while on the job. As a CNA I feel like I learn tons just by being in a healthcare environment. I originally set out to go from a CNA to LPN then to an RN. Then my college changed things around and allowed students with high grades to go straight through. I was a 4.0 student and felt very confident going the RN route, but now I feel like I am totally unprepared. Our clinicals are a joke cause there are so many student to one instructor. We do an assessment and bed bath and some charting. I've only been able to do one injection and one med pass to one person the whole time I've been in clinical (9 months). I feel I do more at my CNA job than in clincal (other than meds of course). Thanks for advice. I think I will keep trying and if I fail then drop to the LPN program. The pay rate was never an issue so that doesn't bother me. My main concern is just being a good nurse for my patients.
  16. I'm driving myself crazy on what to do and would love if someone could give me some input/advice. This is long, but I would appreciate any comments. Here is the deal. I'm a CNA. Worked 2 years in LTC and 1 1/2 years in med surg at a hospital. I'm am currently in a tough RN program and halfway done. By tough I mean less than 10 out of 60 students pass each semester. Its really rough. Our school's NCLEX pass rates are 99% and they intend to keep it that way. I am debating on dropping down to the LPN program at the same school. I would only have to go one semester since I have made it this far and I would have my LPN. The only bad thing is I can't quit my job. I'd have to pay back my tuition reimbursement. Plus I love working at a hospital and i learn soooo much there. Some of my former class mates dropped to the LPN program and they are actually getting to do more skills in clinical than we did in the RN program. Some of the students who were bombing their RN tests are now getting A's in the LPN program. I've been passing in the RN program but barely. Anything under an 82% is failing and I've been getting around 84-86% on my tests. My concern is if I fail the RN program I will be put back on a wait list which could be 3-5 years to get back in and i would have nothing to fall back on. I've looked into other schools but I would have to start at the beginning of their program if I switched. Plus I feel like we are just flying through our RN material. We have soooo much info crammed into our program that I feel like my head is going to explode. I don't even feel remotely prepared to be an RN. Lets just put it this way, I started clinical in January and after 6 months we were hold we should be at an LPN level. I am at such a loss at what to do. If I go LPN I'd have to work two jobs since I have to keep my hospital job. They rarely hire LPNs there. I know as an LPN I'd be working at LTC most likely. I know LTC is rough and understaffed. If I stay in the RN program and don't make it I may not get back in for years, so I will not have that LPN to fall back on. Even if I do complete my RN, our hospital has said they will only hire me if I am working on my BSN (which I did plan to do). Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!

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