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Should I take my last semester of nursing school off?


Hello everyone. I was looking for some advice. I am currently a nursing assistant at a hospital. I've had about four years experience.

I was considering taking my last semester of nursing school off and working on BSN generals. I'm currently in an associates RN program and I've worked on some BSN generals before clinicals and I have about four left to complete. After I graduate with my RN the rest of my BSN classes will be online.

So my dilemma is do I finish up the BSN generals that I need which are actual in school classes and then go on to my last semester of nursing school in summer semester or just go ahead and finish it this spring?

The reason I'm considering this is I would have to drive about 50 miles twice a week one way for clinicals during the winter months and I'm also paying out-of-pocket.

Where I work I'm almost guaranteed to have an RN job after I graduate but they have a real push towards BSN nurses.

So I would have all my BSN generals done if I dont go next semester and once I do finish my last semester of RN school then all my classes for the rest of my BSN would be online so there would be no school work schedule conflict.

What would you do? Thanks for your help!

I also wanted to add since I'm paying out-of-pocket if I just take the BSN generals I would be able to work more and make more money to pay for my tuition when I return to my last semester of nursing school. Since being in school I'm really strapped for cash. Also I'm an older student at 32 years old with bills and a mortgage. Thanks again.

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Are you sure you'll be able to jump right back in in the summer? If so, it sounds like a reasonable plan.

Yes, Id be able to get right back in. No waitlist, the last semester is the smallest since most people have either quit or failed out.

Driving in bad weather is the factor that pushed me to decide this is a good idea. Having been in some bad driving situations in bad weather myself, anything to avoid potential danger is a good idea to me. Good luck.