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Just curious what other schools grading scales are like. I'm in an RN program. 94-100= A 93-89= B 82-88= C Anything under an 82% even an 81.9999999 is failing :(... Read More

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    We have the 90-100=A, etc but you have to have a 76% to move onto the next semester and they don't round up. So a 75.9% means you're repeating.

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    My School.. Anything <80% for the semester is failing for nursing classes. They do round.. So a 79.5 will round up. A 79.4 will round down.

    Letter Grade Description
    Grade Points
    A+ 90-100 4.0
    B+ 85-89 3.5
    B 80-84 3.0
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    95-100 = A
    85-94 = B
    75-84 = C
    <75 = failing

    Good thing about it is that you can get different 'levels' of B's and C's (i.e. a 94 B = 3.9 GPA, a 93 B = 3.8, etc.) so this stringent grading system doesn't absolutely kill your GPA. You must have a 75% exam average in the class before any thing else is factored into your grade (clinical paperwork, etc.). You can have 100% on everything else in a class, but if you have a 74.4% EXAM average, you fail the course.

    If you make below an 80 on an exam, you must do automatic remediation with the professor, plus a mandatory referral to university tutoring service.
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    Quote from vc01ca
    Just curious what other schools grading scales are like.

    I'm in an RN program.

    94-100= A
    93-89= B
    82-88= C

    Anything under an 82% even an 81.9999999 is failing

    It has been a couple of years since I graduated, so I don't remember the exact numbers, but my school had a scale similar to this, and you needed a B or better to move on (which, in my mind, is a very fair policy). They were considering adding that a D or worse on any test meant you would not pass the course, regardless of your overall average.
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    I'm in an accelerated RN program, it's the same as the BSN program here also.

    A 95-100
    A- 93-94
    B+ 90-92
    B 87-89
    B- 85-86
    C+ 81-84
    C 77-80

    Anything below that is failing. You may retake one course throughout the program. If you get a C- or lower in two classes you are kicked out of the program. There is no curving either.
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    80-86 = C (lowest passing grade)
    87-93 = B
    94-100 = A

    70-79 = C
    80-89 = B
    90-100 = A

    No rounding up the first time and no rounding up now. 89.9 is a B. 89.99 is a B. Only at 90.0 does it become an A.
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    94-100=A. 90-93=B. 84-89=C. An 83 was a big fat F. We also took a math test at the beginning of every semester, and you could only miss one. Missed two, and you were not allowed back in the program.
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    I'm in an ADN program. The grading system is basically this:

    90-100% = A
    89-80% = B
    75-79% = C
    < 75% = F

    There are no (+) or (-) grades. We are expected to maintain an average ≥ 75% grade in order to progress in the program. It's possible to "fail" an exam and still pass the course because of this. The program also has NCLEX-RN first exam pass rates that are usually between 98% and 100%. Don't let the "usual" grading scale fool you... the program is nowhere close to easy.
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    Ours is
    A 93-100
    B 92-85
    C 84-77

    We do not have +/- and all of our grade in all but 2 classes in nursing school are just from exams. We do not have homework... either you learn the stuff or you don't. (but there is plenty of study material available) Community Health and Evidenced Based Practice we have papers that are due that are worth most of your grade.
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    Wow,I go to a Nursing School in New Zealand and our grading scale is very different.
    A+ 90-100
    A 85-89
    A- 80-84
    B+ 75-79
    B 70-74
    B- 65-69
    C+ 60-64
    C 55-59
    C- 50-54

    I have never understood why my Nursing school would allow someone with a pass rate of 50% to graduate, who wants a nurse that only knows 50% of the knowledge....
    All colleges and Universities use this grading scale or a very similar one

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