What is Your School's Selection Rate?

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    Just curious. It was told to us yesterday during orientation that 112 RN student candidates were selected out of 1235 applications to nursing school. That is over a 90 percent rejection rate! Is it that comparable to get into other nursing schools?
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    Yes. My school accepts 64 out of over 400. It's kind of cutthroat right now.
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    Our ADN program accepted 20 twice a year.. the semester I was accepted 217 applied. Now they cut down and are only taking 35 once a year.
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    I was told there were 2000 applicants for 100 spots for my program in Ontario, Canada.
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    I'm not certain if it's accurate, but I heard there were about 500 applicants for 35 spots in my program. I feel very lucky!
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    They told us that 48 people applied this semester and that half got accepted. It used to be more than 100 each semester.
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    I'm not sure about the freshman rate, but I transferred from a CC to a BSN program and they said they had 160ish transfer applications and accepted six people.
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    Geez! I'm grateful that I'm in a small community. We had 127 apply for 50 spots at 2 campuses.
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    My program accepts 60 in the fall (40 ASN and 20 LPN) from about 500 applicants.
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    My program accepted 120 for my class. At our first orientation in May they told us that it had become so competetive that everyone who got accepted had at least a 3.5 GPA.