What is your First semester schedule?

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    Hi, I am trying to get an idea of how much time will actually be spent at school. I know the class schedule at my future school but not the lab time. Please share your weekly school schedule. Thanks in advance.

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    My first semester was Tuesday lecture 8-3, Thursday lecture/lab 8-12, Wednesday clinical 530-200.
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    Thanks Soida for responding. Is this an ADN or BSN program?
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    13 credits total
    Wednesday- clinical for fundamentals

    Thursday - 3 classes
    8am to 4:40 1hr break
    Dosage calculations
    Fundamentals lab and lecture
    Nursing successes

    Friday 2 classes
    Fundamentals lab and lecture
    Health assessment lecture and lab
    8am to 4:40 2 hr break
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    Monday through Thursday I have Pathophyiology, Pharmacology, Fundamentals, and Health Assessment. All are mostly 3 hour classes at one sitting... We might get a 5 or 10 minute break here and there IF we're lucky.
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    Thank y'all for posting your schedules!
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    Mondays--Lecture 9-4 with a 1 hour break (Patho I & Aging)
    Tuesdays--Lecture 9-3 with a 2 hour break (Health Promo & Fundamentals)
    Wednesdays--Lecture 9-11 (Assessment)
    Thursdays--Lab 10-12, Seminar 1-3 (Assessment, Fundamentals)
    Friday--Clinical 8-12 (Fundamentals)

    Lectures were 2-3 hours long, once a week, and a break about halfway through that varied in length depending on the teacher. I'm really not a fan of the once a week thing but its how the school set things up so I deal with it. I have 4 hour lectures this semester.
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    I'm in the first semester of a 5 semester BSN program. We are only doing CNA stuff and assessments in the hospital this semester.

    I'm taking Health Assessment, Pharmacology, and Pathophysiology. We took Intro to nursing concepts (CNA) as a prereq.

    On Wednesday, we have Health Assessment clinical in the hospital from 7-11:30 then Pharm Lab 1-4.

    Health Assessment Class/Lab Th 1-4.

    Patho and Pharm classes Fr 8-12 and 1-4 respectively.
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    Patho. Health Assessment. 2 filler classes.
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    Monday - Optional Simulation Lab class from 11-3
    Tuesday Theory/Process - 8-12:30
    Wednesday Off
    Thursday - Pharm/Skills 8-2:45
    Friday - Pre-Clinical 7-4 actual clinicals will be from 5:30 -2:30

    They say on top of this you'll need to study independently for 25-30 hours per week to be successful.

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