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Of all the classes you've taken, which was the hardest? and what helped you to pass it? Determination? Hard work? Encouragement? Luckily, you passed that specific class! Both Nursing and Pre-nursing... Read More

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    Hands down, pharmacology. Lots and lots of material to go through on each test.

    I had a unique way of studying for them, instead of looking at the effects, side effects, etc...I studied the mechanism of action. That way I could avoid memorizing the effects. Might not work for everyone, but my 1st degree was in Chemistry.

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    Pre-Nursing (pre-req) CHEMISTRY hands down! Hated it, didn't understand it..still really don't. I passed with an A- but have NO idea how I did it. Chemistry was the whole thorn in my side that kept me from going back for my LPN to RN program. I had attempted Chemistry at my local community college. The teacher taught us at the speed and intensity as if we were all PhD prepared chemists! Withdrew from that class before I ruined my GPA.
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    Microbiology!!!! I passed with an A but my kids and husband did not see me for a quarter. It was by far the hardest class I have had to take. Lots of reading and a TON of studying.
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    Physical chemistry, thermodynamics, and advanced mathematical analysis.

    I succeeded the same way in those that I did in nursing school: Diligent study multiple times every day and being brutally honest with myself about where were my weaknesses and then focusing on those areas.

    From my observations of myself, many classmates, and many of the students that I have tutored is that we often waste a lot of time reviewing material that we basically already know instead of forcing ourselves to tackle the material in which we're weakest.

    Another problem that many people have is that they fail to really learn the basic terminology and the underlying fundamentals. It's very clear when this is happening because people cannot articulate their knowledge - if you can't articulate it then you don't really 'own' it.
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    Nursing Research. Most pointless and boring class Ive ever taken. PAssed with a B. I would have taken a C just so i didnt have to take it again
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    Pharmacology!!!!!!! OMG! what a hard class... got a B-... im taking micro, med surg 1 and math this semester.
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    Personally, I'd say Pharm but my transcripts would more than likely say Micro...lol
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    Another vote for chemistry....The only time I ever had to work with a tutor, and he was a great one, as well as classmates who helped. My teacher was a great one, so I can not blame him. It was just my thick head that could not grasp that class. Ended up with a "C"
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    Algebra. In order to apply to the program I needed to have passed an algebra class. Yeah....I hate math. Had to take that stupid class 6 times...NO JOKE. I finally passed with an A. Now chemistry and micro...breezed right through them. A's in both.
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    Statistics. My brain just doesn't think that way.

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