What to Do While Waiting for Acceptance Letter?

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    You submitted your application and now you are waiting...
    don't fret many have been there.

    What are you doing or have done in the mean time? Networking? Reading? Research?

    Please share your tips below...

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    I don't know if I can offer any words of wisdom since I basically went "nuts" waiting in those final hours. I will say however after going through this and sharing the experience with others, keep yourself busy with something other than researching school or reading about it. If for some reason you don't receive acceptance letters from every where you would like to attend, it reminds you that that there is more to your life and more to your identity then attending XYZ program. In short, Don't lose touch or perspective.
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    Mailbox anxiety!!! The first few days I was going insane!! Refreshing my email every hour, texting/calling whoever was home and asking what was in the mail today. Stalking the schools website for updates! Insanity! Then I realized umm hello I still have a full time job, full time pre-Reqs and a 3 year old to keep up with! Enjoy all the goods around you while you can because nursing school will be intense and take up a majority of your life when you start.
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    My family and I took a MUCH needed summer vacation and went to Florida. Mind you...that was the last vacation we took, and it was over 2 years ago. Anyways, I had a friend who was house sitting and I got the news that I had been accepted while I was on the BEACH. Point of the story? Do something FUN! Because when you get accepted, you will be SUPER busy. Good luck to you!
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    good one....(grin) brian you're getting better as you go on posting these
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    i subscribe to dt cos nursing will indeed keep u busy
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    I had to click on this because I *still* remember when I opened up my letter.. I started crying haha. And now I await for the letter for a JOB! Ugh, the stress is non-stop lol! Good luck to all those waiting for that letter!
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    I didn't worry at all. I did my very best in all the Pre-Nursing prerequisites and gave it all that I had. I knew that the day would come when I would apply to Nursing School, and when it did I allowed for all of my hard work to speak for itself. *Starting Nursing School Fall 2012!!*
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    Praying and thinking. I prayed and thought about the letter alot. I'd imagine what it would say. I tried to keep busy and do other things but I often thought about the letter.
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    I just got my letter this last Friday and I literally was crying and shaking. I had been stalking the mailbox for weeks. It really is the best feeling ever reading the words "congratulations". Good luck to anyone still awaiting their letter. Can't wait until Fall :-).
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