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What snacks do you eat while studying that help you stay focused. Thanks... Read More

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    Let's see when studying I tend to eat EVERYTHING in the fridge/freezer.

    During the school year I try to stock up on veggies and fruits.

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    Nursing Rule: You can NEVER have to many gummi bears.
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    Quote from coolpeach
    Nursing Rule: You can NEVER have to many gummi bears.

    lol, I was studying for my NCLEX all day today. My wife was going to the store so I asked for fruit roll ups. When she came back I ate all ten in less than an hour. I came out with the box and she asked for one. I was like errr. yeeah about that.

    Sugar is good for the brain.
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    Quote from Simpleplan
    Nice, good for you. I admit I put on a few pounds during nursing school. Hopefully, I can work it off after the NCLEX.
    Sorry about that. I was trying to make a funny that didn't come across as intended.

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    Quote from Jules A
    Sorry about that. I was trying to make a funny that didn't come across as intended.

    No, it's so true. Nurses should try to set an example and live healthy. It's not always easy. Age plays a factor too. After next week hopefully, God willing, school, tests, and NCLEX will be over and I can get off my butt and burn some calories.
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    have started ns yet, but my favorite snack food through all of my pre-req's was raw almonds from the health food store in my area. they have even replaced a meal or two when i was really busy.
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    I really like Kashi granola bars (cept the peanut butter ones but thats just because I'm not a peanut butter fan outside of PB&J) They taste really good, aren't too dry, are all natural, and being prepackaged means I won't eat them all at once (as long as i don't sit down w/ my books and the whole box! lol)

    If I'm in a hurry and need a meal otw to school though I tend to grab poptarts. Bad, but the sugar rush tends to get me through the drive home after my night class on Mondays.
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    PB sandwich, lots of crystal light mixed with water, cheese/WW crackers, Dried fruit, and granola bars! (plus some double chocolate dipped peanut clusters.....mmmmmmmmmm) (what? peanuts are protein too....)
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    the snacks i ate were carrot sticks, apples, grapes, cherries, granola bars, pretzels, and drink lots of water!
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    My current study snacks include: celery sticks with almond butter, Kashi Almond Flax bars, a few walnut halves, peaches/pears and I love Fage yogurt (great protein source without the sugars you find in most yogurts).

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