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    What was the HARDEST PART OF NURSING SCHOOL for you?

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    Mental health... the exams. so much gray area. I partly blame my teacher. I liked the clinical portion and I rocked out the ATI tests, but 97% of our final grade came from the exams. Only C I made in nursing school.
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    OB!!!!! My teacher made it way worse than it had to be!!! I heard a lot of people say OB was their easiest but like I said my teacher just took it way over the top. Thank goodness i passed it with a B at the very end and now I will be graduating this December. Psych was blah too only because it just didn't click for me
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    Oncology...I HATED IT!!! Also didn't like Renal. I did love Cardio, endocrine and nervous. Psych was cool too.
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    Getting enough sleep.
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    I ditto sleep..never enough of that!
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    Whatever subject you are in at that moment.
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    OB/peds. A whole nother new language. That I really had little to no interest in and that made it even harder. I do love working with kids in the ER tho'.
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    Pharmacology. I thought I'd do so great at it, bcs i already had a bachelors with a minor in chemistry and I work as an editor in the pharmaceutical industry! But they gave it to my class as a summer course. Four weeks to cover all of pharm! It was awful and I basically had to teach it to myself every night. Ruined my GPA too by being my only C+.
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    I actually don't start until August but I predict the grading scale is going to be the hardest part for me. It's going to kill me when I miss a couple of questions and it computes to a B instead of an A. That's a lot of pressure!
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