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    Oh and I forgot to mention about your tablet...

    My program only required us to get a program that can be used on your pc/tablet/phone so if the purpose of the tablet is for a certain app then see if it can be placed on your phone which will be a space saver.

    Some programs don't allow you to bring any electronics on the floor but in my program case it only happened once that a nurse reported a student to their instructor about them using their phone but the instructor instructed the nurse what the purpose was. So don't worry about that if your program says its ok to use a tablet or whatever on the floor then you shouldn't have any issues especially if they require it...

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    We are required to wear our school uniform, and ID. (If we don't have our ID we are asked to leave and pay to make it up)

    Other things we should have is our stethoscope, bandage scissors, tape, any color pen, and any prep work (often we don't get our assignment till 30 minutes before). We typically print out the one sheet kardex that we make notes on. BUT you have to cut off the name, room #, and any account numbers.

    The person who said a tape measure.. awesome idea! There are many times I wish I had one.

    I always have my iphone which has drug guides and procedure guides if needed. The floor usually has an old Davis laying around or we can look up meds from the computer. (All our records are electronic).
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    The link for the measuring tape:


    You can never go wrong with amazon
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    And yes please please please remember your id badge cause in my program they give out clinical warnings if you don't got it and two of those you fail that semester!
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    I take:
    black pen
    small notebook
    bandage scissors
    pen light
    I brought my paper assignments too so I could complete info as I went along (those went into the pockets on my pant leg)

    we were not allowed electronics of any kind. There are computers in every patient room, why would you need a tablet?
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    Glad I read this, will be sure to purchase scrub pants with huge cargo style pockets.
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    Thanks, everyone! I will definitely add a tape measure and mini notebooks to my list. I actually think I already have a few mini notebooks. I'm nuts for school supplies so I always have extra stuff.

    Quote from krisiepoo
    we were not allowed electronics of any kind. There are computers in every patient room, why would you need a tablet?
    Computers in every room? Awesome. I guess it depends on the hospital. I know from shadowing at the site I'll have some of my clinicals at that computers are only at front desks and nurses' stations. I still think it is odd to need to bring an electronic device. You'd think they'd be yelling at you about keeping your electronics locked in your car.

    I for sure don't want to be one of those students who brings everything but the kitchen sink. I know over time I'll figure out what works for me. I am one of those people who always has a purse or bag with me filled with assortments of snacks, beverages, and the like. I get it from my mom.
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    Watch! Don't forget your watch! I we don't have ours we are asked to leave. It is considered part of our uniform.
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    Just a little suggestion as far as wearing a stethoscope around your neck...don't! Littman doesn't recommend wearing them that way either as the oils in your skin will distort the tubing and eventually it will take on the shape of your neck. I roll mine up and keep it in my pocket and it's served me well for years.
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    I second the not putting the steth on your neck. The tubing of my littman completely discolored from the oil of my skin, this happened to many other people I know as well. Unless your tubing is black and won't show discoloration, put it in your pocket.
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