what did I get myself into.

  1. This is my own personal vent..... It is not meant too be rude or offensive to anyone in particular. It is just me venting.......
    I understand there are a bunch of cna and pct or nurse aids or whatever in nursing school. I understand you all deal with the stuff we are learning in concepts to nursing. Please understand that not all of us deal directly with patients. I'm a iv room pharmacy tech. I make ivs all day, as I have done for a number of years. I do need the teacher to go over section a and b before sections d and e BC I am clueless about that stuff. Please be understanding that not everyone is on the same patient care level as you. Not everyone knows about oral hygiene of an unconscious patient. Not everyone knows about the basic patient care. That doesn't make me less smart than you, just less experienced. I don't roll my eyes when you are clueless about basic math problems you will be doing forever more.....or when u ask how many mls. Are in a liter. Nor will I make fun of you like you're a dum dum when you ask what the generic of Tylenol is in Pharmacology. All I'm asking for is the respect of you not being rude while I'm trying to learn something I am paying alot of money to learn. That is all.... have a great evening. :-)
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  3. by   MwtM
    Laura, having been a PCA/STNA for year before starting in nursing, please know that I feel for you and respect your post. Your time as a pharm tech will, in my opinion, be of great use to you in your coming semesters! It's true that a lot of aides/techs try to throw their weight around with have "patient care experience," but I want you to know how useless I felt my experience was due to the fact that we were relearning how to do all of my usual tasks in a different manner for school. I would certainly never talk down to someone who has experience like you do! I think that what you've done in the past will behoove you in the future. There are tons of PCAs and MAs in nursing school, but how many will be in a better position than you for pharmacology? I think you are in a good position to build upon your already vast knowledge base. Hang in there, and don't let any aides condescend to you. Remember, as nursing students, you're all on the same level! Keep your head down and follow through with the hoops they give you to jump through! Nursing school has a way of dealing with those who think they're above everyone else... Best of luck!
  4. by   rubato
    I felt that way too. I am CNA certified, but my program was a joke.

    When we were starting my RN program, so many of the other students thought I was incompetent because I didn't know how to make a bed with someone in it or couldn't give a bed bath. I am here to learn. I'm most certainly not above doing these things, since it will be a part of my RN job, just not a big part. I have just never done it before. Don't roll your eyes every single times it's another CNA type job and I don't know how to do it.

    We'll get it all eventually!
  5. by   jachfletch
    Just an experience but recently we were working on vitals. I had a CNA doing my vitals. She made sure I knew that she was a CNA for over 8 years. When she took my BP her eyes got wide and she shook her head. Then she wrote on her chart that my BP was 159/102! She just smiled and said, "all done, you are a little high." I laughed and said a little high? You might want to call EMS if you think that is my BP! maybe you should try it again. She said, " No, I am a CNA and I know what I am doing." I simply said OK and moved on. She took four other BP's on different students and they all came out "a little high". The instructor finally came over and made her redo all of ours with the instructor listening with another set of ears. My BP was 110/79....now that is more like it! I am not downing her or the fact that she has been a CNA for years...but this just goes to show that we all have things to learn, even if some have been doing this for years. No worries just keep your head up!
  6. by   bluedove1
    Lauraash, I truly feel your pain. Our professor made it a point to inform the class that CNA/GNA's better get use to a different animal called Nursing School! She says it never fails that folks with patient experience find it harder because they have to learn to think like a nurse...not as a CNA/GNA.....don't worry certain tasks have a way of leveling the playing field.
  7. by   Devon Rex
    I agree with everything that's been posted. I would add to it that if it's an unbearabvle situation to talk with your professor (in private) and express your frustrations. They should regain control of the group.
  8. by   gainschool4lpn
    I agree with you- there have been times in class where the people with CNA or any medical field experience get frustrated with those of us who have 0 experience. School is to learn.... Not to put others down! Thanks for your post! Good luck!
  9. by   shamrokks
    Good for you - venting is a great way to let off steam. You pay for your education just like anyone else. I hope your instructor does not skip material because of those in class with patient care experience. I have been a CNA, I am currently a LPN and I start my RN bridge this month. I would probably rather have your pharmacology foundation

    I wish you good luck and I hope the other students in class ease up. They are probably just trying to show off what they know. (I seen alot of that in my LPN program)
  10. by   CarrieGL
    One of my instructors has problems pronouncing the words (A&P), so this surgical tech person in class who doesn't even have to take the class, they're just there for a "refresher" , starts pronouncing the words for him, the instructor is like, yeah, there ya go! But, he's still pronouncing wrong as well. ( I have no experience, but I use the book to learn to pronounce in this case.) Oh boy, what a year this will be.
  11. by   dina118r
    You will not kill a patient if you do not know how to make a bed or if you bathe them "wrong". You will however, cause great harm if you give them the wrong drug dosage/route. So in my opinion, you have a heads up above many of your classmates.
  12. by   cindjo717
    I totally get what you're saying. It seems like it is very competetive - that some of these "know it alls" is what I call them , are always trying to one up eachother, in this case even the professor! It's really difficult, but sorry to say that I dealt with it for the entire time in class. Glad it's over, just try and find one person who will stick by you and be good to be around. Try to tune the rest of them out. Good luck.
  13. by   Annachu512
    As a pharmacy tech of 13+ year, I love this. I'm sure every class has that annoying experienced CNA that "knows everything". Thankfully, most CNA/aides in my class have been very helpful and understanding so we haven't had much issues with that. I also understand my experience as a pharmacy tech will make me experienced at med math but i am more than happy to help those who do not understand.

    The truth is, we are all on this hard road together and when we get there, we'll all be the newbies. Let's help each other finish!
  14. by   Mina E.
    I've been a pharm tech for 10+yrs. I just finished my first semester of the nursing program. I had a classmate tell me the other day that I would be a better RN if stuck around them since they have been a CNA for a few years and would be able to help me. I was speechless but on the inside I laughed because when it came down to pharmacology stuff, I was the one who helped the most. We are all equals in nursing school and have alot to learn. It does bother me a bit when CNA/MA's think they are better than the rest of us and yet they are the ones that are being called out by instructors for not following directions. They are stuck on doing things the way they were taught before nursing school.