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I'm taking Nursing fundamentals 7 credits Dosage calculations. 2 credits Health assessment. 3 credits Nursing seminar. 1 credit Total 13 credits This is my first semester... Read More

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    This will be my 4th semester out of 8 in my BScN program.

    Health Assessment
    Nursing Research
    Care of the Young Family
    Mat/Child clinical
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    Quote from rubato
    2nd semester of nursing school

    Nursing Care of the Adult, Health Alterations 9 credit hours
    Microbiology 3 credit hours

    After the semester from hell, I may drop micro to just focus on the nursing program. I'm exhausted!
    You scare me, haha. I have to take A&P II and Nursing Fundamentals. I wish I wouldn't have to though. Why "after the semester from hell" ? How many credits did you take?
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    I'm guessing you mean next semester but here we call it winter semester and spring semester starts in May..For Winter I am taking Older adult, Immersion (preceptorship) not sure of the title, and Senior Seminar yahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! SPring I will have graduated hoooray!
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    3rd semester:
    Med Surg 3 - 5.5 units
    Peds - 4 units
    Critical thinking level 3 - 1 unit
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    4th semester I will be taking:

    Advanced med-surg 3 units
    Clinicals (ICU and med surg) 6 units
    Advanced nursing roles 1 unit
    Lab 2 units

    Then I'm done : )
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    None because today was my last class. I'm finally done!
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    I'll be in my last semester
    Med Surg III: 4 credits
    Peds: 2 credits
    preceptorship: 2 credits
    I am taking a math but am not sure which one yet.
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    Mental Health 2 and clinical the first 8 weeks
    Adults III and clinical the second 8 weeks Then only preceptorship and I'm DONE!
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    Semester 2/4:
    Adult I Med-Surg + clinical - 5 hours
    Women's health (OB) + clinical - 5 hours
    Aging - 2 hrs (online)
    Research - 2 hrs (online)
    Groups - 2 hrs (online)
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    Semester 2 of LPN program:
    Med-Surg A
    Med-Surg B
    Foundations of Clinical Nursing.
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    I'm in an integrated program, so our class titles aren't very interesting. Basically I'm taking level 2 lecture, level 2 lab, and of course clinical.
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    Quote from Stephalump
    I'm in an integrated program, so our class titles aren't very interesting. Basically I'm taking level 2 lecture, level 2 lab, and of course clinical.
    Semesters 2-4 I take Nursing Concepts 1-6. Even more interesting course titles.
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    Going into third out of four semesters (BSN):

    Mental Health Lecture and Clinical (5 credits)
    Child Health Lecture and Clinical (5 credits)
    Adult Health II Lecture and Clinical (5 credits)

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