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Hello everyone, I am hoping to hear from all of you who in the past has worked as or is currently working as a nursing student. What do you get paid and what are your job responsibilities? I... Read More

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    Quote from RunnerRN2b2014
    My hospital hires NAs and NA/HCT (Nursing Assistant/Healthcare Tech (Unit Secretary)). Some are nursing students, most aren't. You can qualify by either being on the state registry or being a current nursing student. The hiring process is very competitive! There aren't jobs specifically for nursing students. Where I am, NAs start around $10 and NA/HCTs are closer to $12.
    As I understand it, this is basically how it works at my hospital. (Just substitute PCT for NA)
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    Quote from Fireman767
    and to be frank you shouldn't take a job in nursing if you don't have experience. With no medical background (real medical background of client contact and patient care) you may put a patient at risk for injury (if you do injure a patient you can be sued for assault, battery, or negligence!).
    In my experience, the vast majority of people who get PCT or NA jobs have little to no patient care experience when they start in said positions. It is a bit dramatic (and irresponsible) to say you will sued for negligence if a pt is injured.
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    I am a nursing student and a mother of four. I work PRN as a NT(Nursing Tech). That way you can add as many schedules as you can handle. Just remember that the main objective is to pass nursing school so don't out schedule yourself. I only work "full time" during breaks and summer.
    Good luck either way but if it is to be it will be just fine.
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    Quote from psu_213

    As I understand it, this is basically how it works at my hospital. (Just substitute PCT for NA)
    For me, as well. Most PCAs/CNAs I've met at the hospital have been doing it for years. Few are nursing students. The vast majority of my class have tried to get positions to get a foot in the door and only a few have gotten calls, much less job offers. It's tough out there!

    There is one hospital that I know of that has a student extern program. I don't know how many hundreds of students applied for it this year, but only one person I know was contacted about it. It sounds great though. She can perform all the skills she's passed during clinical.

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