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It seem's like everyone is always telling me which semester is the "weeding out" semester. And everyone has a different opinion of which that is. So, I'm curious to know what the masses think. IS there a weeding out semester? ... Read More

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    Every semester is a weeding out semester. Semester 1, if you can't grasp the basics, you're out. Semester 2 is what's hardest in my program (at least from what I've heard from everyone I know!). Med-surg is what gets people here.

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    For my school, thus far, that has been every semester! Went from 47 on the first day of class to now having 18 about to graduate.
    On s more positive note, it doesn't matter what sestet it is! If you are Willing to put up dang good fight, I highly doubt you will be weeded out!

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