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waiting to find out if i failed or not

  1. 0 i needed a 66 or 65 on my final to make the 78 passing score. I did really well in my first exam and my last exam but my second and third were not great but my total average going into the final was an 84. I am hoping i pass but this waiting time is really hard i am freaking out thinking about it the exam was nclex based and difficult but i felt i knew my stuff. does any one have any advice ? on what to do or how they felt during their waiting to find out period.
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    I recently took my 3rd semester RN final (graduating after one more semester) I am currently an LPN. We had to wait 2 days to get our final exam grades and 3 days for our final grades- it was killing everyone! Every single student passed the class though :-) The best thing for me to do was to spend my time doing things that made me happy (this took my mind off of that horrible feeling in my stomach). I kept myself busy doing things I liked, and even cleaned! Had not had time to do that all semester lol! Good luck, I'm sure you did great!
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    thank you im trying we are supposed to find out today in the afternoon or tomorrow morning all of us are on edge i am seriously nervous i studied and did everything i could this semester i really did try and do everything and the final was not hard hard but the questions we really had to break them down.and there were 3 questions never discussed but they were not too bad but the class was split on what the answer was
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    This is exactly where I was last semester after Assessment class. I needed to pass the final to pass the class and was afraid I'd bombed it. All you can do is wait, unfortunately.. for me, I passed the final with a strong B and passed the class!
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    i passed it with an 80 my semester total was 82.8 i have a b- i will take it since it means i get to continue on to next semester. Thank you for the advice though the waiting was brutal.
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    Congrats :-)
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    Congrats to you! I am an LPN-RN student and I just fnished my second semester. I as well as some of my other classmates were not passing. I needed to make an 81 on my last test and an 81 my final. I made an 84 on my last test and exactly an 78 on the final! My overall grade was an A after my class project and ATI scores were added in !
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