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I'm in a BSN program here in FL. Supposed to grad in April but I'm a semester behind now because I failed Leadership class. So now I won't grad til July. It was an easy class so I think I put so much effort into my OB/PEds class... Read More

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    Quote from daytonite
    and you have never been in a stressful manager's position, have you? did i say that giving a medication or starting an iv didn't involve using my brain? what i said was it is so much easier to give a medication or start an iv. when you have had days of mental problem solving you are dog tired.

    i think you answered your own question. if your day is just sticking needles in people and handing them pills, what on earth did i go to school for? beside sticking needles in people and handing them pills i was stamping out all kinds of small fires that were popping up (problem solving). that requires critical thinking. isn't that what you do on your job? before you restart an iv you make a decision (brain--thinking) that there is a problem and it has to be done, don't you? so there is more involved than just the procedure. before giving the pills you must consider the reason the pills are being given and their side effects (brain--thinking). so there is more involved than just the procedure.
    no, i've never been a manager. i may have mistook the intended meaning of what you posted. i was simply pointing out that your statement seemed to devalue to role of a staff nurse as compared to a manager. i would venture to guess that most staff nurses are dog tired at the end of our shifts...and not just from the physical work. the critical thinking takes it's toll as well.

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    Sometimes I'd rather be physically tired than mentally tired. You have to understand that being a manager is a tough job. We take it from all ends...patients, staff, director's, vp's. Yes, we are not physically on the floor all the time, but it's our job to manage an entire unit and that is not an easy task by any means. I can only speak for myself but it's a hard pill to swallow when your told 'make sure your meeting the needs of your staff...but who is meeting my needs as a manager? Managers have a great deal of expectation placed on them and are given little encourgament or reward. It's a frustrating job and the only thing that keeps me going is that I work with great nurses and patients. THey make it all worth while.

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