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Graduated May 2004, one year ortho/neuro/med-surg experience

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  1. need help ltc ileostomy

    In my facility, we do not use skin prep under ostomy appliances because it contributes to leaking. Just a very thin layer of stoma powder if needed. Also, you want to cut the hole to fit the size of the stoma, no the size of the bag opening. I think ...
  2. Mixing working and breastfeeding

    it's only the "reality of things" because we allow it to be that way. it is unacceptable to ask someone to work for 12 hours without taking a break. if we don't demand that we be allowed our breaks, we are accepting abusive working conditions. occasi...
  3. Please don't change my schedule and not tell me..

    I think your letter does a good job of explaining why you weren't at work, but it doesn't address the issue of the manager changing the schedule without letting you know. If I were you, I'd be more assertive about that part. I can sympathize with you...
  4. Tattoo/employability question

    Someday society may be more accepting of tattoos in a professional environment. Until then, I would do as the others have said and find an effective way to cover the tattoos. That way you can still pursue a nursing career without limiting your option...
  5. Venting about Leadership class

    no, i've never been a manager. i may have mistook the intended meaning of what you posted. i was simply pointing out that your statement seemed to devalue to role of a staff nurse as compared to a manager. i would venture to guess that most staff nur...
  6. Learn To Say It Correctly!!

    I work with a nurse who mispronounces the antibiotic Zosyn. She says zoy-sin.... drives me nuts! I want to scream "It's zoooo-sin!!!!" And another nurse who says po-taz-ee-um. It's po-tas-ee-um lady!
  7. Venting about Leadership class

    wow. i'm sure you didn't mean that they way it comes across. i've really valued and respected things you've posted before. this seems to imply that staff nurses aren't using our brains in our daily work. if it's just sticking needles in people and ha...
  8. What the heck do these people think?

    I agree that some of the hoops we have to jump through make it a bit more time consuming and frustrating at times. I'm just saying that I don't think you have to be any "smarter" or have a higher IQ than other degree seeking college students. I think...
  9. What the heck do these people think?

    This is exactly how I feel. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you think nursing school is going to be sooo hard because others said it will, then you will have test anxiety and freak out. Honestly, I think those that struggle in nursing school woul...
  10. Funny/Strange things other hospital employees have done????

    Not trying to pick on anyone, but isn't the nurse signing off on a chart ALWAYS supposed to verify that they were actually entered in the computer, etc? That's the way I've always been trained and seen it done.
  11. Anyone else call 'em johnnies?

    Ok, so it's a New England thing! Good to know.... Here in Montana, where my hubby is stationed now, we call 'em gowns. I wonder where the term "johnny" comes from?
  12. Anyone else call 'em johnnies?

    I went to nursing school and was a CNA in Maine, and we always called hospital gowns "johnnies". When I got my first job out of school at a hospital in NC, I sure got some curious looks when I asked people where the clean johnnies were kept, usually ...
  13. Do you count resps every time you do vitals?

    When I work in the cicu, I set my monitor to show the resp parameter. When I am working in the surgical unit, the CNA's routinely take vitals. If I do a set I do usually count resps. I wouldn't ever make up a number though. If I don't count, I just d...
  14. CMMC, St. Mary's hourly rates?

    I'm a Maine native who will be moving back home early next year. I am an ADN RN with almost 5 yrs experience. 4+ years in surgical, and by the time we get home, 9 months in CICU. I'm just wondering what kind of pay I can expect at either hospital. Cu...
  15. Pain scale is missing a key element

    I saw a pain scale that made sense to me posted on the wall at the Air Force base clinic where I get my GYN care. It's based on level of pain is present but able to perform activities of daily living..etc etc. According to that scale...