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OK, being a nurse is tough. I don't mean the training is tough, I don't mean you'll have tough days, I don't mean that continuing professional development is tough. Being a nurse is tough and you need to be prepared for a tough... Read More

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    So I do believe you can be a nurse for the sake of a job but I think you'll find it harder than someone who is doing it with some love of the job would.
    Sure, but at $58/hr with legislated 4:1 ratios, I probably find it easier than someone than someone taking care of 8 patients at $30/hr who's in love with nursing...
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    Quote from caliotter3
    It is pretty blank bad when the unemployment interviewer concedes that you are in a no-win situation with this kind of work.
    Yep, that's exactly where I'm at now. All the nursing positions in my locale are either floor nursing jobs, which I can't do physically, or nursing management, which nearly earned me a stay in the psych unit last year. I finally told the unemployment people to stop trying to find nursing jobs for me.....I'm done. I'd rather go work at Hobby Lobby or Home Depot. It's a shame, but it is what it is.
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    I personally love people(particularly cancer patients). I always think of my loved one who lost the fight when I took care of them. However, I think there are certain situations where nurses can get away with it or diseases/care you may find intriguing to satisfy your work life.

    I do see some bitter old burnt out nurses though who are crabby to any student they see.
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    I became a truck driver at 21. It only took me a couple of years to realize it was not what I wanted for my life. I seriously felt like my brain was turning to mush watching the lines go by for 11 hours a day. That wasn't the only problem. It's a crappy job in general. So even though I'll start out making less money as a nurse, there is much more room for growth. Also, most importantly, I'll get to sleep in my own bed most of the time! ... and if there is an emergency at home I wont be 3000 miles away... I could go on. So I really THINK I'll prefer nursing to truck driving. I sure hope it's not any worse!
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    Great Article-thank you

    As a UK transplant over in the US-nursing is very different than the UK
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    I somewhat agree with you in some ways but……I feel that you have to have certain qualities to become a nurse and to remain a nurse. I am sorry but you have to have a desire to help people, solve problems and just have good a good overall customer service attitude overall. But the one thing you will have to have above all this is integrity. You will be in a lot of situations in where if you decide to do something or not do something no one will know and you will be tempted to not only take short cuts but to out right not do a task because of the huge amount of work you will have to complete in such a short amount of time. If you do not have that little voice in your head nagging you and urging you to "Do the right thing" you should not be a nurse nor should you want to be a nurse. This is how I can can live with my profession as a nurse. You can have all of the knowledge in every text book, you can be able to execute every procedure that you do with excellence but if you don't have integrity and a burning desire to want to do the right thing and want to please people then I just don't know if you will be an asset to this profession.
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    I'm not sure if it is different governmental systems at play here but as I was reading some of the responses I thought "So young and so burnt out already". I've been a nurse for 25 years and while I've certainly had some moments, never once have I regretted going into the profession. I've had flexibility, worked in different areas, seen both the best and worst of human nature. Sometimes we can't change systems and procedures but we can change how we are. Stay current, recharge on your days off , try to make a difference anyway you can and don't be afraid to get your hands dirty.
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    Do not worry about naturally loving people, in nursing you need to be respectful and professional, and you will be good. If you find out you don't like dealing with people, it sounds like research may be a good fit since you enjoyed lab so much.
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    I hate people now and I do my job fine. You don't have to like anyone to be a nurse, in fact you WILL dislike a lot of your patients. Just do your job.
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    Generally, I do enjoy being with people and I care, but not to my own detriment and I am good at boundary setting. I refuse to absorb other people's feelings.

    Nursing involves a lot of role playing, as many service oriented careers do. It's still a job and I value my off hours. Everyone has their reasons for choosing this profession.
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