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rhythmqueen94 has 31 years experience.

Labor and delivery, OR,ER and PACU


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  1. COVID Immunized Guilt

    I have been struggling with those feelings too especially since my 59 year old 9/11 responder spouse with prostate cancer with a mets isn't yet eligible for the vaccine. I try to give back-by volunteering to give shots whenever I can. It helps
  2. Is it reasonable for Nurses to be fired who "ran away" from work during the pandemic?

    I think I understand some of the resentment that the OP feels. I went through something similar in March and April. I was "given" away to another manager and worked on a thrown together ICU with Covid patients. My hospital is unionized so hiring/firi...
  3. Nursing is the Biggest Mistake of My Life

    If I were a new graduating nurse - I'd shoot for the stars. Why not apply for some cool externships that the offer new grads? You get your foot in the door for specialty areas ,albeit at reduced pay but you'll get your year's experience in. Instead o...
  4. Would you report possible diversion?

    By signing his wastes-you are enabling him , plain and simple
  5. New Nurse With Large Disposable Income

    Congratulations on your job and welcome to nursing. The smartest money move I made was to sock away as much as I could into a tax deferred annuity. It came in handy later on when I hit rough financial patches- I could borrow against it and pay myself...
  6. I'm not sure if it is different governmental systems at play here but as I was reading some of the responses I thought "So young and so burnt out already". I've been a nurse for 25 years and while I've certainly had some moments, never once have I re...