Transportation woes for nursing students - page 2

Granted some college students can afford a car but not all can. For those who do not have a car, how do you cope with transportation? What's going to be the first thing you purchase after graduation/job? Click... Read More

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    Bike bike bike. When I have a real paycheck I'm buying avocados. And Spanish lessons.
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    That is so true. It takes me more than 3 hours to get to my college. That's six hours every day.

    The first thing I'm going to purchase when I graduate will be, like in the cartoon, a car.
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    That is so true. It takes me more than 3 hours to get to my college. That's six hours every day.
    Gosh! How do you study then?
    I'm 65 miles from my school, that's about 1 to 1:30 hours driving depending on traffic, and by the time I return home i'm feel like I've been through a washing machine cycle... Sometimes, before a test I'd stay in a library near my school with a study group till 8pm. Then I drive home for a quick nap, pack a new lunch and go back...
    Still didn't burn out:flamesonbLOL
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    This was me during nursing school! 1.5 hrs both ways to school Let's not even get started on clinical mornings. now I just graduated yesterday so that is no more! My dad had got me a car and I got my license a yr ago next week so it really help cut down on my transportation time. I still rode the bus to school several times out the week bc gas got expensive and I have a V6 sedan and my school is kinda far from my house. I cut corners when I can.
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    A day to school easily costs me 20 bucks! (that's $100/week in gas)
    And I'd be lucky if I had a choice of public transportation, even if a slow one... I'd at leastbe able to sleep/study on the bus/train... here I'm just stuck behind the wheel, fighting off the "zzz's" on the highway.
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    I almost bought a pony but broke my arm so no pony for me. Yes I'm totally serious.
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    The first thing I'm going to buy once I graduate and get employed is definitely some better transportation for my daughter and I :-) I don't mind public transportation but living in the windy city,the winter can be crazy! Trying to walk and catch buses at certain times can be annoying..After that, I will defintely put a downpayment on a nice house in the burbs.
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    The first thing I am going to buy is somewhere else to live.
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    My husband promised me a new vehicle, of my choice, when I graduate. Seeing as I start my program August 28th, I have plenty of time to decide what I want!
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    I rode my bicycle everywhere until I started having clinical in towns 25 to 30 miles away. Then I finally had to buy a car. I bought an old beater from a retired woman who was going to the nursing home. I couldn't afford insurance, so I let my then-boyfriend register it in his name (despite the acute embarrassment he claimed) and added it to his parents' policy under the family plan. I could JUST afford the premiums then. And when the transmission fell out of that on my way home from clinical one day, I took a page out of my Dad's book, and bought a car from the local junk yard. It cost $50 and lasted until I finished nursing school. I sold it to my father for $100 and bought a brand new Honda Civic when I got my first paycheck.

    The then-boyfriend is ancient history, but I just got a letter from his father yesterday.

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