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  1. FutureNeoNursing

    How to take Lpn's classes in High School?

    Mz2juceey Most LPN programs for Chicago Public High Schools have selective enrollment. Few schools that offered this program are Percy Julian and Gwendolyn Brooks, Benito Juarez, Dunbar and Sullivan. They are under the medical & health career academy program or as they call it education to careers (CTE). Start the program during their Junior year. Their numbers are below. Percy Julian (773) 535-5170 Gwendolyn Brooks College Prep (773) 535-9930 Juarez (773) 534-7030 Dunbar (773) 534-9000 Sullivan (773) 534-2000 Or you can try to reach Chicago Public Schools to get a list of schools that offer the LPN program as well (773) 553-2108 I was able to find a pdf version of the program with more info here: http://sullivanhs.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/CPS-CTE-Health-Sciences-2012.pdf Hope this helps!
  2. FutureNeoNursing


    There are about two or three that go to Oakbrook currently and two who attend in the loop..Type in Pccti and the last thread and old ones should pop up,some pros some cons but at least you will see some feedback from enrolled students or former ones. I'm looking to register for the next session at the downtown location.
  3. FutureNeoNursing

    Getting started.

    Congrats Babygirl! What school will you be going to?
  4. FutureNeoNursing

    Pccti review Updated information 2013

    TJerdine did you apply for financial aid? Compared to ATS 30K plus books,uniforms and transportation,parking I will take there tuition lol I was able to receive my award letter last month to see what I'm working with and it covered most of the tuition except 1300. That would be spread over the months of the program. It's a private college so most of these schools are in the 15-30 range unless you are at a community college then it's probably 5K. Pretty ridiculous when check other states and see how much they charge,I wish Illinois was the lower tuition states.
  5. FutureNeoNursing

    LPN-BSN in chicago

    Its a couple of schools that offer Lpn to RN or BSN. Purdue University in Hammond offers an accelerated program where the pre reqs of 27 credit hours need to be done for advanced placement. Some off the top of my head are: Saint Xavier University,Ambria College in Hoffman Estates,Chicago State,Oakton Community College,and Morton College are other options. Indiana State offers the Lpn to bsn online but pre reqs need to be taken already somewhere else. I think I'm going to check ISU out since clinicals can be done locally and all classes are online.
  6. FutureNeoNursing

    Pccti review Updated information 2013

    Thanks Jess! If I had my cna certification finished I would be right there with ya lol Definitely keep me posted. I'm sure the nervous bug will go away after the first few weeks of class :-) Just make sure to get a schedule going for studying and reading chapters. Have yourself a little study area in your home. If you have your textbooks already most students suggest skimming through it and maybe read the first chapter. I know you are planning on working while in school, so stay motivated and I will be right here cheering you on! I'm a single mother myself so I know we have to do what we have to just to get where we want to be...Our job is never done lol
  7. FutureNeoNursing

    Pccti review Updated information 2013

    I notice they have a high turn over rate when it comes to employees. I had three different admissions rep,one left because she felt the school was treating students unfairly. Tjerdine did you do the lpn program there or just cna?
  8. FutureNeoNursing

    Pccti review Updated information 2013

    Yeah,thats goood that students are not messing around when it comes to the quality of their education. Can you send me the ATI books to my email as well,I want to review it early on. I know if anything is out of order Im gonna report it,especially when Im paying for most of my tuition out of pocket. Like you both said make sure its in writing. Yourqueen2009@gmail.com
  9. FutureNeoNursing

    Pccti review Updated information 2013

    I appreciate the updated post for PCCTI. Im narrowing down my school selections and I had them on the list for Feb start date, so this info is good to know ahead of time. I wish they had some Chicago clinicals though. Thanks So Much!
  10. FutureNeoNursing

    I did it! I'm finished!

    Woo hoo!! Congrats! Im sure you will do great on the Nclex exam.
  11. FutureNeoNursing

    First day of my journey!

    Congrats futurelpn12! Keep us updated with how your classes are going, I can't wait to start mine in the beginning of the year :-)
  12. FutureNeoNursing

    Can CNAs work outside the Nursing home?

    Just like CapeCodDreamer said, you can work in rehab,dialysis centers,pediatrics,veterans facilities, and home care..There are places that will hire you without experience, but some may require exp in a hospital like setting so I suggest getting your feet wet and just start off working in a nursing home for the experience then transfer over into one of those sectors. Put in as many resumes/apps as you can,something is bound to pop up for you! Keep us posted with what you find in your state.. look up patient care tech or patient care services,this position is usually in a hospital setting and has on the job training. Could be titled differently in your state.
  13. FutureNeoNursing

    Starting CNA program. Tips, please!?

    Classroom is not that hard,when you follow the syllabus and pay attention to important skills that need to be done at clinicals. Get the medical terminology down now if you can so it won't seem all foreign lol A great book to use with your program is CNA Exam Cram!! It's a great review book for the written portion and clinical skills test. Each chapter has a few questions and the book comes with a cd-rom that you can use to test yourself on the written portion. Make sure to practice your skills at home if you can,so you won't feel nervous doing it later (YouTube has lots of skill videos,but make sure it's done the right way for your state) Listen to what your instructor tells you what will be on the test, take as many notes as you can and it will be just fine..Most CNA programs have clinicals in a nursing home(8 hours each week),so don't be surprised if you end up there...Overall go in class with an open mind and a ready to learn face!! Good Luck to You
  14. FutureNeoNursing

    First Day of LPN school

    Congrats Girl!! You r taking all the right steps into a successful nursing journey and new future :-) Wishing you the best:yeah:
  15. FutureNeoNursing

    Any ideas on how to study Med. Term

    Flashcards Flashcards and more Flashcards!!! lol This will be a great help to use at home and on the go. There is a app called studyblue that is very helpful, and you can download it to your phone as well as use it on the computer, you add the words and flip the card over and there is the definition :-) very simple and easy to memorize, make sure to concentrate on the prefix and suffix of a term so that it become 2nd nature when you see them over and over again. If you prefer to write them out make it big and colorful to make it fun and not so boring when studying. You can make folders to also use for other nursing classes too! Oh and have a friend quiz you and the ones you get wrong put to the side and go over them..Repetition is key
  16. FutureNeoNursing

    CNA certified in LPN school

    I know here in Illinois you can sit for yoir CNA certification after your 1st round of clinicals, which should be fundamentals of nursing.. I don't think they will let youu take it any earlier than the 1st set of clinicals. Ask around and see what you come up with! Good Luck to you on the exam :-)