Tip for Nursing Student: Study whenever you can

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    Study everywhere whenever you can.

    Share your studying tips with the community.

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    I found I didn't have time to study and work out especially during exam time. I have a Wii with Wii Fit, and theres one work out on there that's called Step Up (stepping up and down on the Wii board) Freestyle, so you could set your pace and just go for as long as you wanted. I did that with study notes in my hand, so I could do a work out while studying.
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    The few times I did work out while in nursing school, I took my class handouts with me while on the treadmill or stationary bike. In my car during commuting to work or school, I played Vango notes.
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    while taking A&P,i taped all bones pictures to my kitchen cupboards,thats the room i was in the most...
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    I have some flash card apps on my smart phone, whenever I'm anywhere with a few minutes to spare, I flip thru a few. I also keep my pharm flash cards handy, so between comercials I'll read a couple.
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    This pretty much sums up what nursing students do. I have the summer off until August and am already studying for my NCLEX exam next year. Yep, just can't stop studying! LOL.
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    I have a hard time understanding information for the first time.

    What I do is I go over one simple piece of material that I already know, like hyperglycemia, until I am a pro at it.

    Then, when my brain is going nuts while tackling a concept that is difficult, I take a break and just read up on hyperglycemia. It helps me regain that sense of confidence that I at least comprehend something. My brain tends to relax after that, and then is able to try the difficult stuff again.
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    Right now, im studying for NCLEX and i taped bondpaper on the wall ,written on it are important nclex notes *and i posted also lots of colorful 'post-it' with important mnemonics.. and yeah, its all over my room's wall and even in the ceiling..
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