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  1. cndn_grl08

    Puzzles and games for studying?

    Hi, I am wondering if anyone knows of nursing games or puzzles online that can be used for studying. I am looking for a different way to study. Please let me know if you know of anything.
  2. cndn_grl08

    Resume help for new grad

    I will be finished school in a month and a half and am trying to prepare a resume for when the time comes. I will be applying for a grad nurse position, as I don't write the licensing exam until February. I have a few questions. - First, what should my objective be? - I'm young, started nursing school right out of high school, and didn't work much throughout school. How do I make myself stand out with little work experience?- What do I put under skills that relates to nursing? Not specific nursing skills, right?- I'm currently doing my final practicums abroad. How do I best include this on my résumé? - Should I start applying now by email, or wait until I get home?- Any other tips would be greatly appreciated as well!
  3. cndn_grl08

    1st 5 weeks- will I always feel this way

    You will ALWAYS feel that way lol. It will get better at times and worse at other times, but nursing school is stressful. HOWEVER, take it from someone who is 5 weeks away from being done, IT IS SO WORTH IT. Get through it, and you won't regret it in the end. Sounds like counseling may be something to look into. I don't know about all schools but mine provides it for free for students. I tried it, and it helped me deal with school/social related issues I was having. Even if you don't know what the issues are, they can help. Other than that, just try to find ways to relax, and don't stress too much over school. I was over stressed the whole four years and now that I'm almost done I'm realizing how silly it was. Yes, these four years are important for the rest of my life, but four years is nothing compared to the 70 more I hope to live, if I can stay healthy. That much stress isn't healthy. Anyway, I hope you can find something to keep you calm. Nursing school is hard work and stressful but remember to relax and have some fun too!
  4. I found I didn't have time to study and work out especially during exam time. I have a Wii with Wii Fit, and theres one work out on there that's called Step Up (stepping up and down on the Wii board) Freestyle, so you could set your pace and just go for as long as you wanted. I did that with study notes in my hand, so I could do a work out while studying.
  5. cndn_grl08

    College Roadblock?

    Student loans is not an option for you? I did not have the money to complete a four year degree either, but with student loans I was able to do it. Now when I start paying them back I will hopefully have a good job as an RN and be making enough to pay it off in a decent amount of time. I didn't try LPN first but I imagine if you already know you want to be an RN, it'll probably save you time and money in the end to just go with the BSN off the bat, if possible. Just my thoughts though, nothing backing that up. Good luck with whatever you choose!
  6. cndn_grl08

    Med Surg: What Works For You?

    I had some trouble understanding Med Surg when I just used the power points, and the text book readings were WAY to much to go through it all. I found it made way more sense to me when I did my patho research in clinical, it helped me to put it all together and understand how everything relates together.
  7. cndn_grl08

    Has anyone written or preparing to write the CRNE?

    Can you direct me to those then? I heard that this topic was going to be added but I haven't seen anything about it. I guess I missed it somewhere.
  8. cndn_grl08

    Three quick questions

    I have glasses and I often wonder if I should wear my contacts instead. I don't find my contacts comfortable so I think it would bother me, but at the same time I hate when my glasses slip when I'm gloved up, and I hate having to take my glasses off to put goggles on (I don't like the big ones that fit over glasses, and as I'm still a student we are required to wear goggles in situations where most nurses don't). So I too am on the fense as to which might be best.
  9. I'm a Canadian nursing student and I'm interested in what people think of the CRNE. The NCLEX info is good but it doesn't really tell me what to expect when I write the CRNE. Anyone have anything to share?
  10. cndn_grl08

    Nursing School Realistically

    My comment is off topic in a way, but it has to do with the reality of nursing school. I have a week left of my LAST nursing class EVER, and then 3 months of practicum to finish of my degree, which I am doing overseas. Sounds awesome, right? It wasn't always this way. When I first started this program, I had a heck of a time with clinical, came home crying every day, couldn't seem to do anything right, and was barely passing. One day, I failed my clinical, and was forced to take all my second year clinicals again. Guess what? The second time was WAY EASIER. It took a lot of hard work, and help from my instructors, but that same shy girl who cried every day and was barely passing is now almost done her degree and feels awesome! Anyway, my point is we will have have our ups and downs, and they may all be different, but if you put your mind to it, it WILL get better, and this is a VERY rewarding career once you make it through the hard parts! Good luck to those applying, don't give up cuz it's worth all the struggles in the end, I promise!!!
  11. cndn_grl08

    Pulmonary Medicine Experience?

    Definitely will see a lot of COPD, pneumonia, possibly chest tubes but that depends on the type of unit (this is medicine, not surgery so some places will not). Know different chest sounds and what they mean, know interventions for dyspnea, know about oxygen (when to use it, how much, what method of administration, etc.), different nebulizer medications may be helpful to look up ahead of time. Also may help to know a little bit about heart failure and conditions like that as it often goes hand in hand with respiratory complications as well. Hope that helps!
  12. cndn_grl08

    Nurses are the unsung heroes of the medical profession.

    When I first decided I wanted to be a nurse, I was too young to know what money even was or how much nurses made. I wanted to be a nurse, I didn't want to make a lot of money. When I told people in high school I was going into nursing, they all asked why not be a doctor instead, they make more. Thats not the point though, it's not about the money and I don't want to be a doctor. If it was about the money, there are a lot of easier jobs than nursing out there that make good money. Nursing is HARD, and it's not something you do "for the money"! I'd also had people ask me what I'm in school for (I'm a fourth year student) and when I say nursing their response is "oh, how much do they make?" or "oh, you'll be making good money then". Really people????
  13. cndn_grl08

    Nursing diagnosis for CHF pt

    in this example, your diagnosis would be excess fluid volume r/t impaired excretion of sodium and water. everything after the exhibited part would be your evidence, which on a concept map would go under your diagnosis but not in it. hope that makes sense.
  14. cndn_grl08

    Lab Values HELP!!!!!!!!

    That's how I learned them too, by looking at them in charts and determining (without looking at what the chart says) if they are high, low, or normal on your own.
  15. cndn_grl08

    Difference between Sterile and Aseptic technique?

    In this question, B is more sterile than D is. D doesn't say anything about sterile gloves, it just says gloves in general, which doesn't mean sterile. Scrubbing into the OR is sterile, not aseptic.
  16. cndn_grl08

    Something that has been bothering me