The toughest clinical yet!!

  1. The toughest clinical yet!! - Image ID: 13196
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    Do you love clinicals? How's your experience - Good or Bad? Please share your stories...

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    I think most ICU nurses can relate to that tangled ball of wires
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    AND get them untangled in record time!
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    I agree, let the nurse handle it and she will.
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    Clinical was my absolute favorite time during school! Even more so when I was on a Med-Surg, or Critical Care floor. Once I got familiar with my teacher, and they of me, I loved being out on my own, doing as much as I was possibly allowed to do. I remember getting frustrated at many missed opportunities because I hadn't had the "clearance" to do them at that point of my education.

    I'd go down the hall, room-room, and see if there was anything I could do. I'd take any job, from dressing changes, to enema's, to just getting the patient a glass of juice, or sitting and talking with them.

    At this point, I'm a couple of days (literally) away from taking boards, then finding a job. Then it's my turn to be the nurse. They'll be my patients, and I'll get to do all of the care! i.e. cool stuff
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