The best clinical day!

  1. 5 I had the best clinical day yesterday! I feel so very fortunate this semester to have gotten on a floor where the nurses are outstanding...I mean really, I can't say enough good things about them They give us every Foley, every IV start, every skill they have come up, they let us do. They are so willing to answer questions and help if we need it. Yesterday I got to do my second IV start, on a "hard stick", which I got! Yay! And I got to do an admission assessment which I had not had the opportunity to do yet. This semester is SO different from the last...we have a great clinical instructor and great nurses (and that's not to say anything bad about last semester's nurses, not at's just a different vibe altogether on this floor). Last semester we had the clinical instructor from you-know-where, and it made me dread clinical days. But this semester I wish we had clinicals every day LOL! Anyhow, I just wanted to say how thankful I am for these experiences this semester
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    the right people make the difference. Kudos to you for being so willing to learn
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    That's awesome!!! Glad you had a good day
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    Yay! That makes all the difference! Keep soaking up every experience!
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    That's awesome! Learn all you can from them
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    Great job! Keep it up!
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    YAY!! I LOVE days like that. It makes all the studying and hard work worth it.
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    its always nice to work on a floor with understanding and educative nurses!

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