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  1. fteralynn3

    Quality penlight?

    I actually use a mini-maglite. It is small enough to hook to my name tag. It, also, came in handy when I had night clinicals and needed to see in the dark, without waking my patient. It was only about $5 on amazon. BTW...I went through 3 penlights in a year.
  2. fteralynn3

    Graduating May 2014! :)

    I graduate May 17th, too!!! I have been in school FOREVER and I cannot wait until I am finally an RN! I am in an accelerated BSN program and am a mom of 4. It has been a daily struggle to stay in school, but it's so close now! We ROCK!!! :)
  3. fteralynn3

    "Always pick the toughest patient"

    I'm super jealous that you get to choose your patient and have 36 hours to write the care plan. We have our patients assigned to us when we arrive in the morning and have to turn in the care plan when we leave. It's insane! But, the reasoning behind the madness is that we have to finish our charting when we leave everyday, so this should get us used to it. :-/
  4. fteralynn3

    Im so burned out

    I completely understand!! :) I am in the last semester of a BSN program. I have hit the wall and now I'm just banging my head on it! Some days are day by day. Just remember how hard you have worked to get where you are and there is NOTHING that will stand in the way of the finish line. This is a marathon and sometimes you have to put one foot in front of the other. :) Now! Go relax for a while and hit the books later :)
  5. fteralynn3

    The best clinical day!

    YAY!! I LOVE days like that. It makes all the studying and hard work worth it. :)
  6. fteralynn3

    ATI Testing for BSN Students

    Oh wow! Do they give you the practice exam codes? If not, you can google them and there are a TON of practice codes and passwords on the internet. That's what I do. Our teacher usually gives us one practice code, but there are a lot of different tests. For example, right now I'm doing the ATI Leadership, so that's the test I google. It really helps because the practice tests give you the rationales. Hope that helps some.
  7. fteralynn3

    ATI Testing for BSN Students

    We use ATI in our BSN program, too. It was very hard to get used to because it is much harder than normal. I think the point of it is to set the bar high, so you have to work to reach it. I find that the ATI books actually give me more details than my textbook. Hang in there...it will get better :)
  8. fteralynn3

    Looking for a quick online MSN degree.

    Union University in Jackson, TN has a MSN for Administration or Education in 15 months. (fall, spring, summer, fall) and it's all online. It's a great school.