Thank You Treat for Staff

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    I need an idea of what the nursing staff/staff would enjoy as a thank-you treat for helping and putting up with us (first semester nursing students) this semester. For those who are currently nurses, what would you like to be brought in as a thank you?

    Thanks in advance

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    I just finished my first clinical rotation and we left the nurses a plate of (store bought) cookies and a fruit platter and a thank you card. Gave them something to munch on when they were able to take a sec to stop by the break room!
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    I sent the hospital powers that be a letter about how great the nurses were to our clinical group, I sent the same letter to the unit NM. We brought in a box of joe (dunkin donuts huge container of coffee) with some snacks and goodies. One particular nurse was just awesome to me (as well as to the other students). I got her a heartfelt thank you card and put a Dunkin Donuts gift card in it (she was well known to be a D&D lover
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    Thanks for the ideas. Was not sure about getting donuts or not. Like the idea of fruit too, for those who don't like or want donuts. Looks like I will be up early tomorrow shopping
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    Our school actually states in writing that although it is thoughtful to want to give instructors/staff gifts, it is against school policy to accept gifts from students. Instead, our instructors expressed that a simple thank you is more than enough! This being said, I think a heart-felt thank you note could be more meaningful than a gift.
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    Yes, our policy is the same for instructors, but this is for the hospital staff, the nurses and CNAs, who have helped us this semester.
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    Food is great but where I work we appreciate healthy over sugar. Fruit is great.One student brought in a huge platter of veggies and dip.
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    When I was a student we always brought a thank you card and usually some donuts or a large fruit & veggie tray.
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    I'm planning on a veggie tray for our nurses. I think some people are baking or buying donuts.
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    I brought cupcakes and a veggie tray for my final night of practicum. My preceptor loved the veggie tray
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