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Hey, everyone. I'm starting nursing school in roughly about a month. I've already been told by advisors and read numerous times online that tattoos and body piercings are discouraged in this... Read More

  1. by   Ruple.Stiltskin
    I, too, have a wrist tattoo that is visible when wearing my scrubs. I invested in some of that sport wrap that clings on to itself and just wrapped it around my wrist (in a nude color, obviously). My instructor never said anything and it stayed put better than band-aids/long sleeves.
  2. by   soutthpaw
    It is individual to the hospital and program . Our program requires all tattoos covered. white long sleeve undershirts are permitted and many students without tattoos also wear them. However I also work at the hospital I do clinical at and the only rule is they must be covered if offensive or scary. I have full sleeves and they are exposed when I am working, I usually get at least one positive comment a shift from the patients. In fact, I think it helps some patients connect with their care and feel more comfortable as a patient.
  3. by   mnieves1
    I'm in the same boat -- starting nursing school this fall. I have a 1/2 sleeve but mine is from my shoulder to my elbow so I'll just be wearing a 3/4 sleeve white shirt under my scrub top. I really want to finish my sleeve but it'll have to wait until school is over I don't want to have to be forced to wear a full sleeve shirt -.- I'm in the medical field already as an x-ray tech and I've never had an issue regarding my tattoo so I think it's completely crazy the rules schools enforce. I completely understand wanting students to "look professional" but I don't agree with the stigma surrounding tattoos/piercings. Oh well .. it's just a few years. Gotta deal with it.
    My hubby wears those nude tattoo sleeves to cover his forearm tattoo at work, they sell them on amazon pretty cheap for a pair of 2 sleeves! Good luck
  4. by   emmjayy
    My advice to incoming students this year has been to follow the dress code policy until they get a feel for their clinical instructor and how strict they are. Some of our clinical instructors have unconventional ear piercings, tattoos, and wild hair colors. These instructors are a bit more lenient than others, but I would err on the side of caution to avoid being sent off the clinical site. A common piece of advice regarding wrist tattoos is to get a watch that covers it. Otherwise, I'd wear a long-sleeved shirt under my scrub top. Just remember that while clinical instructors may be okay with tattoos, your patients may not be and you may miss out on experiences because a patient objects to your tattoos. I've had patients who told me that they were glad I didn't have tattoos and that they hate them/think less of nurses who have them. Prejudiced and silly? Yes. But I'm glad that my tattoos are not visible so that they didn't impact the interactions I had with those patients.
  5. by   Karafair
    The hospital I work at has won awards on care. About 6 months ago they relaxed the policy and allow visible tattoos now. Still, body piercings besides the ears and gauges are not allowed.
  6. by   Jenna Lynne RN
    I have a small tattoo on my inside wrist, my non- watch wearing wrist. I received it after my nclex as a reward for passing. I have never been questioned or asked. Depending on which arm, and if it is your watch wearing wrist, it may be easily covered. In my experience if you do not make a big deal about it neither will hiring personnel. But like others said - it depends on facility, unit, and even state. Some populations are more accepting and understanding than others.
  7. by   WestKyKing
    I see long sleeves and a lot of 'water proof tattoo cover-up make up' in your future, lol
  8. by   Nursekia
    I have 8 tatts but they're all summer tatts (only visible with swimsuit). 3 lip piercings, 2 tongue rings, 12 earrings in my left and 14 in my right (tagus, rook, daith plus earlobes/cartilage). I've only ran into one job that asked me to remove my earrings and that was a request only due to the patients being on psych floor (lip and tongue was already out for interview). One time I forgot to take my rings out running late for an interview and I still was hired. From that point on I stop removing my rings. If you want me you'll have to accept my 32 piercings. I do tighten my lip and earrings with pliers to prevent the balls from falling off. I also plan to get 2 nose piercings 🤷🏽*♀️
  9. by   Nursekia