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  1. mnieves1

    Bergen Community College Nursing Program 2017

    Its the TEAS 6
  2. mnieves1

    Bergen CC Nursing Spring 2018

    Hey guys! I just finished level 1 this past semester .. if anyone has any questions I might be able to help out a little :) I'm in the day program so some things might be a little different for us but I'll try to answer any questions as best as I can :) Congrats on getting in & prepare for a wild ride.
  3. mnieves1


    I love this Thanks for warming my heart :)
  4. mnieves1


    I'm in the same boat -- starting nursing school this fall. I have a 1/2 sleeve but mine is from my shoulder to my elbow so I'll just be wearing a 3/4 sleeve white shirt under my scrub top. I really want to finish my sleeve but it'll have to wait until school is over I don't want to have to be forced to wear a full sleeve shirt -.- I'm in the medical field already as an x-ray tech and I've never had an issue regarding my tattoo so I think it's completely crazy the rules schools enforce. I completely understand wanting students to "look professional" but I don't agree with the stigma surrounding tattoos/piercings. Oh well .. it's just a few years. Gotta deal with it. My hubby wears those nude tattoo sleeves to cover his forearm tattoo at work, they sell them on amazon pretty cheap for a pair of 2 sleeves! Good luck :)
  5. mnieves1

    Bergen Community College Nursing Program 2017

    @ anyone who took CPR class already -- if anyone has the 2015 AHA BLS student book & would be willing to lend it to me, I'm taking the class on 7/11. Please & thank you! :)
  6. mnieves1

    Starting Over at 25

    I'll be 26 in September when I start my first semester of nursing school .. I graduated with an A.A.S in radiography in 2014 & realized that I want more patient care than being an x-ray tech offers so I decided to "start over" also. After orientation with a bunch of 18 & 19 year-olds, I did feel kind of old but nursing is what I see myself doing for the rest of my life so I'm glad I realized it now as opposed to many years from now. Age is most definitely just a number -- I had a pharmacy school intern at my job who was over 50 (with 6 years of school ahead of her), her kids were all out of the house & she was finally able to pursue her dream of being a pharmacist. She is my inspiration. You are never to old to follow your dreams!
  7. mnieves1

    Bergen CC Nursing Teas

    Not sure if you still need info but I got in to BCC for Fall 2017 with a 3.86 cumulative GPA/4.0 in sciences & a 79.3 TEAS. We're the first class apparently with the TEAS so there was no previous class to compare to. Good luck! :)
  8. mnieves1

    Bergen Community College Nursing Program 2017

    I don't think they gave an official list of the books we need yet except for Fundamentals of Nursing I which we need to bring with us for orientation. The book is by Judith Wilkinson & it's 3rd edition. I found it on amazon & rented it for 16 bucks. & @ pureanea thanks for the info! def gonna look into that place :)
  9. mnieves1

    Bergen Community College Nursing Program 2017

    Ugh. Spending so much on books hurts .. it's so awful. & Where did you do your CPR? I was certified already but of course it's expired so I need to take care of that ASAP.
  10. mnieves1

    Bergen Community College Nursing Program 2017

    Has anyone bought books or any of that fun stuff yet?
  11. mnieves1

    Teas test

    I felt that there were a bunch of questions on the actual test that were similar to the questions from the practice test you buy off the ATI website.
  12. I got in for fall 2017 on my first try with a 79.3% TEAS, 3.78 cumulative GPA & 4.0 GPA in sciences.
  13. mnieves1

    Bergen Community College Nursing Program 2017

    Definitely :) my name is Marta -- excited and anxious for orientation. A girl I know from my gym graduated last May from the program told me she was ready to quit after their orientation so that should be fun haha. & I haven't heard anything further from Bergen but I got an email from the background check company with the results on Friday. I submitted mine on 4/17 though so give yours another day or 2 and I'm sure you'll hear back.
  14. mnieves1

    Bergen Community College Nursing Program 2017

    I'm in 003 too! The schedule is gonna be rough to work my work schedule around but I'll have to figure something out. At least we have Fridays off :)
  15. mnieves1

    Bergen Community College Nursing Program 2017

    I just got the email too!! congrats guys
  16. mnieves1

    Bergen Community College Nursing Program 2017

    Hey guys, I just checked my web advisor .. my admission status changed from "ready to test" to "minimum credentials reviewed". I'm not sure what that means but ...