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  1. 0 Hi everyone!

    I'm sure this has been asked (over and over) but I could not find a current thread. My laptop is about to go to die and I was thinking I should get a tablet since we will be using Nursing Constellation Plus for clinicals.

    Any advice? Anyone have an iPad, Surface, Samsung etc that they can give input about what they like or don't like?

    My android is too small for me to read the information so that is not the best option for me.

    Thank you in advance!
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    I bought an iPad my 2nd semester of NS and have had it for a little over a year. I use it all the time in class for notes and pulling up the Powerpoint to follow along. I love having it as it is so light and all my notes for all my classes are saved in one place. I use Evernote to take notes on, it's a free app and has so far worked very well for me. I would highly recommend getting a tablet if you are a person that not need or want paper notes to highlight or write on.
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    I have an Ipad mini and I love it. But I can not part with my laptop....
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    I have an iPad, which I love! I love that I can sync everything between my iPad and iPhone. I like the portability of the countless medical apps, as well as having eText versions of my textbooks, but I definitely like having a full laptop/keyboard in front of me. :-)
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    I'm also an iPad user and I found a free program called Moxtra that allows you to doodle right on your power point slides while they're still in .ppt format. Love it!
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    I just went to the store to check out options. The galaxy has a neat note function but it was way to busy for me. The said "its running slow because all the tablets and laptops are running on the same wifi" .... yhea that did it for me! What does he think is going to happen at school or in a different public wifi network???? The iPad and iPad mini moved fast in comparission and were very user friendly. I did not like the surface.

    The galaxy also "comes with office suite for students" but I'm sure (just like with the note app) there is a download to create a document or view all documents on the iPad mini. I also liked the demensions of the mini compared to the smalller galaxy ... more screen and a little less bulk.

    Post any apps you guys use! Im going to google the one's already mentioned. Thank you so very much for your input! I don't think I could part with my laptop for writing papers and such at home.
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    If you BUY and iPad mini now you will get a $50 App Store gift card for free as a student. Meaning you can get apples version of word (pages), power point (keynote) and excel (numbers) for free. And they all work with Microsoft documents.

    Juuuust saying. It's a really good deal.
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    I have a tablet (transformer prime) that has a real keyboard that attaches and turns it into something like a netbook. It also comes with word, ppt, and excel on the tablet, for free. i love my tablet.... But take it from me, I wish I had bought a lightweight laptop instead. My husband was deployed last year and i had no computer, whatsoever. We have several programs we use that we have to use a computer for, like for concept maps and some of our tests are on the computer so we have special browsers we use. Sometimes I'm up until 2 am working on these things so going somewhere like the library to do these isn't really possible. If you will still have access to a computer in your home, then a tablet is a great idea BC of the versatility. If not, I suggest a laptop.

    I also wanted to add, my school REQUIRES you to have a laptop.
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    iPads can also attach to keyboards either hardwired or wirelessly (via Bluetooth).

    If all you want is small and light, you might want to up the ante a little bit and get the fully-featured MacBook Air-- small, light (mine fits nicely in a 9x12 manila envelope) and a terrifically powerful laptop.
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    I have both an IPad and a Kindle as well as a smart phone. I use the Kindle more than I do the IPad, although I have a feeling that is going to change next semester since I just heard about Moxtra. I also have a laptop and desktop. I just can't bear to part with them.
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    I have the galaxy 10 note. I LOVE they fact that I have split screen, I can have the note portion up, and the power points that the teacher posted. I have ebooks and am looking for a text to talk reader to read my books to me on my hour ride to class or hour rides to work.
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    Hey guys - the price of Microsoft Surface RT tablets (32Gb) just dropped $150!!! They are now $349... optional keyboard is ~$100. Tablet is a Windows 8 platform and comes with MSOffice (Word, Excel, PowerPoint & OneNote) plus cloud storage. Although I have other tablets, I couldn't resist when the price dropped. It's very streamlined, lightweight & so far, I haven't had any problems running any work-related apps. Keyboard is 'different' but very easy to use.

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