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    hey at our school in the spring semester we will order t-shirts for our class because we will be senior nursing students then. We get to pick out the design and saying or quote to go on the shirts. I would apreciate any suggestions. Thanks

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    I'm in the same boat as you, Red. Here are a few suggestions: like something you would see in a dictionary "Nurses: one who covers the doctor's gluteus maximus" another one would be "Following in Flo's footsteps" anyone else got any suggestions?
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    I like our SNA shirts this semester. They say the school and SNA on the front, on the back they have our mascot (an axe) with a stethoscope on, and around it it says..."im learning to save lives.....what are YOU doing?"

    it's such a great looking shirt
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    At cafepress.com, I got one that said, "Who is Don Gloves?" They have some funny ones. The one I got for Psych said, "Freud Astair" and had pics of freud dancing!
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    Have a picture of a syringe, with the wording: Nurses call the shots.

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    those are some great ideas.I wish we got t shirts.
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    Last edit by Marie_LPN, RN on Sep 14, '06 : Reason: why did i EVEN bother!
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    technically you have to be OUT of nursing school to wear that shirt :P
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    I've gotten some great T-shirts from school! I have one that says "10 ways you know you're a nursing student" on the back, and then it gives reasons such as "you believe 'who needs a social life?', and "when someone coughs up sputum in front of you, you desire to know the color."

    Then, one that our school's SNA made says "Not tonight, I have clinical in the morning."

    And my favorite....on the back of the T-shirt it gives the layman's medical dictionary. I'm sure some of you have seen this, where "Pap Smear" means "Fatherhood test" and so on.
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    great ideas! i love the "not tonight, i have clinical in the morning" i will put that one in the suggestion box. too funny.

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