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    As I'm sitting here making my med cards, I realized I have a superstition that gets me through. I religiously watch deathly hallows part 1 & 2 while I study and make note cards. (waving my nerd flag) I, for some reason (?), find it comforting and I feel like I can concentrate better when it's on.

    Hey whatever gets us through, right?!?

    So what's your superstition?! I'd love to know! :-)
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    I have a necklace that I wore to my first nursing school exam and I just have to wear it to every single exam otherwise my world just might end :P I'm super nervous because we have a med calc test on the first day of clinical and we're not allowed to wear jewelry! I hope it will still work as my "good luck charm" while in my uniform pocket! Haha but I totally understand the superstitions!
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    I wear 4 leaf clover earrings for my exams. I figure it can't hurt right?
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    I am a huge "note-carder" and I seem to always have reruns of House MD playing ever so softly in the background...
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    LOL sounds just like me! I put on Disney channel! If I have it on the news it's hard to concentrate. I hate the news and it just makes me sad, so I watch happy things!
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    I'm so glad I'm not the only one with a 'routine'! Lol I love these!
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    During my pre-reqs I would put my West Wing DVDs on in the background while I studied for tests, and during tests I would wear my pearl earrings that my husband bought me a few years ago. I don't know what my weird little routines will be be once I start my program, but I am sure I will have some.
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    I have a necklace (with 2 charms that both have very important meanings behind them) that I've worn for every pre-nursing and nursing exam since I started the program. I've gotten an A on every test so there is no way I would take a test without it!
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    I think this is more of a habit/routine rather than a superstition, but when I study alone, I'm ALWAYS at Starbucks listening to non-lyrical music (usually electric/dubstep) and drinking either a hot or iced cafe mocha with soy and no whip. Haha. It has gotten me through first semester pretty well so no reason why I should stop
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    I've used the same calculator on every single exam.
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