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I'm doing good so far in every class but ONE. The crazy thing is that the class is really not that hard but for some reason I keep changing my answer to the wrong one, which results in me receiving an overall lower grade than... Read More

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    It's my nursing skills class. A few of the critical thinking questions are killing my grade. I keep getting a D average on them

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    I have reread some of the OP's posts on other topics and she really does have a very hard time with critical thinking. I know we would all like to be unendingly positive and encouraging and cheerleading, but you know what? Not everyone passes nursing school; there's a reason for that. It is really true that nursing school is too hard for some people. Art school isn't right for some people. Social studies aren't right for some people. Foreign languages aren't right for some people. Music isn't right for some people.

    If you can't - or won't - put in the effort to get effective help for this problem, or you determine that it's a permanent problem, you might consider your alternatives. One of them might be withdrawing for now and coming back later when you are more mature and have a better handle on your abilities. One might be looking squarely in the mirror and telling yourself, "OK, so this is not the path for me. I will now proceed to pursue a different one." There is no shame in that, and there is no reason to feel alone in it. Believe me, at about this stage in many people's first year of nursing school, that's a conversation a lot of people have with themselves.
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    Study twice as hard, go to office hours with specific questions. Do the questions at the end of each chapter and believe in yourself. I have been in your situation and if you want to be a nurse badly enough then friend, nothing can stop you!!!!! Don't listen to the negativity
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    sounds like you are focusing on how you feel, not how to change the situation. There are good suggestions here. Are you willing to try any? Consider HIRING a tutor.
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    Buy a NCLEX question and answer guide and study from it. The rationales explain each answer out. I used it for all my classes, NCLEX, and certification exam.
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    my .02cents,
    I agree that nursing is not for everyone, at the same time not everyone grasp things easily, if this(nursing) is something the OP wants really bad s/he will figure out a way to get it, the good thing is that s/he has figured out what his/her weak points are, and therefore trying to get help on how to do better...
    To the OP don't be discouraged, I cannot tell you exactly how to grasp what you need to because everyone's style of learning is different but if you have to put the extra time to study then do so.
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    Sorry, but "wanting" is never sufficient to achieve goals.

    No matter how hard he tries, wishes, works, persists - a 5'3" person is never going to be able to become an NBA Center. We all have inherent limitations based upon our unique set of abilities. Some people can't 'do' the math for dosage calculation or understand the determinants of hemodynamics. That doesn't mean they wouldn't be stellar musicians or wonderful social workers..... just can't become an RN.

    It is psychologically damaging to pursue goals that are absolutely unachievable. At the very least, it undermines self-esteem and feelings of self worth. Not worth it.
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    Eh, I figure there's no need to push people to give up. Struggling is self- limiting. Either you'll fight it out until you get the hang of it and succeed, you'll get kicked out of the program, fail the NCLEX, or just walk away.

    A few people seem to have an inordinately hard time letting go...four nursing schools, 7 tries at the NCLEX, but generally speaking, people tend to figure out if something isn't "for" them on their own pretty quickly.
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    Oh yeah, I love those "I failed the NCLEX five times, do you think you can help me pass the next time?"

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    There should absolutely be a limit on how many times one can attempt to pass the NCLEX....

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