Stop complaining in class!

  1. Here is a rant from a first-year nursing student.

    1.) Why did you bust your hump to get into nursing school if you did not want to work hard in class? Did it ever occur to you how lucky you were to get accepted?

    2.) Why do you show up late for class, miss makeup sessions, turn in your assignments late if you ever do at all, laugh and chatter in the back of the class, and do everything to make your professors hate you . . . then get astonished when they do?

    3.) Why do you not study? How many times will you sit there and cry and whine in exams because you never took the time really to study the material? That doesn't mean you glance at it once or twice. Certainly it doesn't mean you shove the book aside and go out with friends. Learning doesn't happen by osmosis!

    4.) Are you even an adult? Do you know how undignified it is to sass back your professor in class? To form cliques that shut out people? This isn't high school!

    5.) Jealous? I work hard for my grades. Don't ask if I passed the exam next time. I will not tell you my grades.

    6.) No, I will not study with you. If I saw you working hard in class, paying attention, and doing your homework, I would be glad to help you. But I'm having a hard time keeping up too. I will not lose my grade to waste my time tutoring you. Been down that road already. You spent our tutoring session poking at your cell phones and playing on Facebook. Good grades are not luck - they are hard work. And being nice to the professor so they give you the benefit of the doubt.

    7.) Has it occurred to you that professors are humans too? They can't stand your attitude. They will NOT stop the class for you or hand out the exam two weeks late for you, just because you think you're precious.

    8.) Do you REALLY think nursing is for you? If you don't respect the professor enough to finish your essay on time, if you don't respect your classmates enough to shut your mouth in class and stop interrupting everything, how will you deal with the needs of patients? If the world revolves around you, how will you think of others? If you lose your temper when the professor gives you a richly-deserved late grade, what will you do when an Alzheimer's patient flings p*** in your face?


    This is what is going on in my head during all my classes. Can anyone here tell me whether this is something they think too? I'm getting very frustrated with the puerile antics of my classmates.
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  4. by   ScientistSalarian
    Whoa, I'm in my first year as well and it's a completely different vibe. There was definitely more of what you're describing in my prereqs (specifically anatomy, physiology, and micro where about 90% of the class was pre-nursing) but now that I'm actually in the program everyone has been very professional and polite. Then again, we're only about a third of the semester in so maybe everyone's best behavior will wear off, lol. It could be because my class is fairly small (~40), maybe it's that the average student is a bit older compared to those in the prerequisites, or maybe it's because about half of my class already have bachelor's degrees in other subjects but everyone has been pretty respectful and cooperative so far.

    It can be incredibly irritating when people constantly screw off in class and derail lectures (and then have the audacity to complain about the instructor) but all you can do is worry about yourself. Sit in the very front row, try to tune out as much of the bullsh*t as you can, and go to your instructor's office hours if you feel like you missed something. Cheer up, odds are you'll never have to see any of these people again once you graduate!
  5. by   kaydensmom01
    I could not believe the amount of entitlement the the students had in my program. Cell phones on the floor, talking in class, lots of "we paid for this I can't believe that we have to go to clinicals at this day/time or take this tests/that test". So many students in my class believed that because they paid for their tuition that the professors should listen to them!!!! It drove me crazy! I could not believe the attitudes of my fellow classmates, and the fact that they believed that they should get everything their way. Most of them graduated, and I dread working with some of them. It had nothing to do with age, this thought process and attitude occurred through all age groups in my program, it was as if the attitudes were contagious. That is not to mean that there were not amazing students, and now nurses, that I went to school with, but I was just shocked at how anyone out of high school could act that way.
  6. by   i♥words
    I'm first-year as well, and my classroom setting is a definite mix of whiners and respecters. Yes, I've heard a few whine about the lectures, tests, and difficulty; but, I've also heard a few respecters talk about how much they like Instructor X and how Instructor Y challenges them so much. Group projects suddenly become simpler than they were in pre-reqs, because the students I now am (mostly) surrounded by are initiators and willing to do their part. Maybe you just haven't found the right collection of people yet? I hope! Otherwise, I'm sorry.
  7. by   RInursingstudent
  8. by   MsPebbles
    Why let these things bother you so much? You are there for yourself, not for everyone else, so if they want to gripe and moan about everything under the sun, then that's their issue, not yours. They will be their own demise and will probably not be there very long. Pay attention to what's important and discard all the nonsense. You're going to deal with people like this throughout your entire nursing career (and life in general), so just learn to ignore it and focus on what's important.
  9. by   JBudd
    The bother comes from not being able to finish a class without the instructor being able to finish a section in logical order; without being stopped and asked irrelevant questions. Wasting class time. Wasting study group time.

    You can only discard so much, because classes are a group dynamic. Taking the annoyance home with you doesn't help, but then you come in here to AN and vent, which helps discard it, lol. Vent away Juan!!