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Senior Nursing students graduating in May 2003 - page 3

Hey everyone, I was just wondering when your last day of class is. At our school our final semester was split into two 8 week sections. The first 8 weeks were our class and lectures and the last... Read More

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    As of this posting...........

    drum role please..............

    74 days until graduation....

    16 lecture classes........

    7 clinical days...........

    final May 13............

    review class 4 days the week after graduation, our review class is "technically part of this semester, 2 credit hours, $84
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    my final exam is May 23
    Then I go for preceptorship only 40 hours
    mandatory NCLEX review with Sylvia Rayfield on June 6th/7th
    HESI exit exam also the 7th
    Graduation is June 13th
    60 days, yes only 60 days.
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    I can't believe it's finally almost over. Only 5 more clinical days for me. Final is on May 6, pinning on May 16, graduation on May 23!
    Congrats everyone!
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    Originally posted by RNinRI
    I can't believe it's finally almost over. Only 5 more clinical days for me. Final is on May 6, pinning on May 16, graduation on May 23!
    Congrats everyone!
    :hatparty: I am like you, can't believe it is this close to graduation. I too only have 5 more clinical days. My Final is is May 9th, Pinning is May 13th and Graduation is May 16th. I am taking the Sylvia Rayfield review course May 19, 20 &21. We are almost done, Yippeeeeee
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    we are doing lecture, nclex review, clinical, and preceptorship right now. as soon as we put in all of our clinical and preceptor hours we are finished. i will have mine done on may 1. all i have then is class one day a week. pinning ceremony is june 6 at 7 p.m.

    college wide graduation is june 13 but i won't be going through that.
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    Our pinning is one month from tomorrow.....May 15th!!! We take an exit exam that we must pass in order to graduate on the 1st of may and have classes all the way until May 13th. I can't believe how fast Nursing school has flown by!! Good luck to everyone!!!
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    Our last final is May 2nd. Graduation 9th, Pinning 10th then Sylvia Rayfield review with Loretta Manning from May 22-24.
    As of today we have 1 class, 2 field trips and 1 final left.
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    Final on May 5, Pinning on May 9. I decided I'm not going to the graduation, I want to have some time to spend with my family while they are visiting. I'm also going to a Rayfield review with Loretta Manning. She really gets around, doesn't she! (She's a very nice, and very knowledgable lady! I've heard her courses are great.)
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    One test, one clinical, one presentation, and one clinical left. Pinning May 12. YEEHAH!!!!!! I can't believe it's finally here.
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    1 clinical observation day, 9 (lecture) class days, 1 content exam, 1 pharm exam and the final (May 8th) left to go. Pinning May 16th, graduation is May 17th. Start my new job May 19th.
    Life is good!
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    Pinning Ceremony = May 20, 2003

    Graduation = May 22, 2003

    Going to DISNEY!!!!= May 23, 2003