Senior Nursing students graduating in May 2003 - page 3

Hey everyone, I was just wondering when your last day of class is. At our school our final semester was split into two 8 week sections. The first 8 weeks were our class and lectures and the last 8 weeks are our clinicals and... Read More

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    Final on May 5, Pinning on May 9. I decided I'm not going to the graduation, I want to have some time to spend with my family while they are visiting. I'm also going to a Rayfield review with Loretta Manning. She really gets around, doesn't she! (She's a very nice, and very knowledgable lady! I've heard her courses are great.)

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    One test, one clinical, one presentation, and one clinical left. Pinning May 12. YEEHAH!!!!!! I can't believe it's finally here.
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    1 clinical observation day, 9 (lecture) class days, 1 content exam, 1 pharm exam and the final (May 8th) left to go. Pinning May 16th, graduation is May 17th. Start my new job May 19th.
    Life is good!
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    Pinning Ceremony = May 20, 2003

    Graduation = May 22, 2003

    Going to DISNEY!!!!= May 23, 2003

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