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  2. As students we don't get a choice of scrub brand or color. And...most of the time these scrubs are scratchy and don't fit well. If you could design scrubs what would they feature? Pockets, places for technology, pens? Would they be more form fitting or more baggy?
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  4. by   dayanan17
    More fitting, include pockets on the shirt and maybe some pockets on the pants. That's all I really need. I just recently ordered my scrubs and only ordered myself the shirt.. Pants were too big. I'm waiting until the shirt comes in so I can go out and buy me the same exact color pants.
  5. by   ReOxyS
    My school gives us the option of buying our scrubs from the university book store or from a real scrub shop. The ones available at the book store are crapola. The sizing is way off, there's no real form, and the fabric isn't comfortable. So I got mine from a scrub shop. Cherokee brand in Galaxy Blue. They have good pockets, the fabric feels nice, and they're cut to fit a woman's body instead of a box. Very cute!
  6. by   cee cee g
    Like loose fitting cotton nightgowns lol!!
  7. by   CantDecideUsername
    Maybe this sounds dorky, but I think at least one pocket with a zipper so things don't fall out....

    Also possibly built in small pockets at the waist of the pants... For small items. Yes it adds possible extra bulk, but could be really useful for small things (alcohol swabs, cotton squares, etc.)
  8. by   RN403
    Quote from CantDecideUsername
    Maybe this sounds dorky, but I think at least one pocket with a zipper so things don't fall out....
    I don't think this is dorky at all. I think that is a great idea!!
  9. by   la_chica_suerte85
    The girl's scrubs would be made for female bodies -- the scrub bottoms are unisex and our stupid zip-up smock thingies have some pitiful band in the back to make it have some kind of shape.

    The guys would have proper lengths -- we have some very tall men who could have used a normal long (the long for scrubs is way too long even for them!).

    I would love to have the cargo pockets on the legs for things like my scissors and clamps -- I hate carrying them in the front pockets of the smock thingie. It's impossible to sit with them jabbing me in my gut or leg when I try to sit.

    The fabric would be normal scrub fabric. We have this bizarrely thick, nearly-canvas-like material for ours and it's just....what is this?!? It will not soften up no matter how many washes!!!!

    Finally, NO WHITE!!! White?!?!? Why?!? Seriously. Why would we need to wear white? We're clumsy nursing students who are not good at controlling our messes yet. Sheesh, just put me in an old school nurse dress and cap and white tights and spectators like all my instructors tell us about why don't you?

    Actually, all of these changes will be implemented (except the white) after I graduate. I will be so grateful to wear normal scrubs!!
  10. by   CantDecideUsername
    Agreed about the white!!!
    I can't stand the white scrubs we have to wear in the CNA program
  11. by   SeattleJess
    More form-fitting and either made of stretchy material or with stretchy material panels to accommodate.... well, stretching, of course! A gazillion more pockets, including a zippered one and pen slot. An elastic segment in the drawstring tie. And definitely two button holes at the waist for the ties. Pants where both ties exit from the same opening don't hold or tie as well.

    Great topic!
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  12. by   Joe V
    I was just doing a search for "school interview" and found this.

    It had me cracking up.