Schools in!! 21 days and counting! Anyone else starting this month - page 5

Starting ADN program in 21 days! So nervous but excited!! I only have nursing courses to take, I've taken all pre reqs (thank God) I've started studying for dosage calculations, I just want to stay... Read More

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    Yep! Starting on the 22nd at CSN. Looking forward to it!!
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    Our last week before full time ADN students...what are you doing with it? I keep wanting to study something but then my cousin who just graduated keeps telling me to enjoy it instead. Unfortunately I'm sick so haven't felt much liking doing anything other than movies on the sofa all weekend.
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    I'm so excited I start my first semester of my ADN program on the 22 January 2013. I'm so excited and nervous. Any tips for a guy?
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    Don't let the women push you around, lol. JK but they may try to get you to do any heavy lifting, etc. I've seen it happen.
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    I just found out I got a spot last Thursday, orientation this Thurs and school starts next Tues. Not exactly as much time as I would like for all the jabs, physical and what not. But I'm stoked to be in.
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    Congrats NorCalKid!!
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    Quote from littlebear23
    Congrats on everybody getting in, or graduating!!! I go back to classes on the 15th! I am part-time for now and only taking 6 credits, but that still makes me a happy goose!
    Hi, are you in a ASN or BSN program?
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    Hi, so exciting!! Good luck I'm so bored, we go back at the end of February here in Australia, after 3 1/2 months break. It's hell!! I'm doing reading on my own to keep my brain alive...

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