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School accreditation question---please help!

  1. 0 The nursing school I'm applying to is opening up a new campus close to home, so naturally I want to attend school there. The main university is CCNE accredited. Does this mean the new campus or extension of the university will automatically be CCNE accredited as well? Do new school locations have to apply to become accredited, or is it still under the "umbrella" of the main campus?

    If they do have to become accredited, how long does that take? What does that mean for a nursing student? Thanks! I just don't want to make a big mistake!
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    Call the school and ask.
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    I've tried calling and emailing, but they're really busy. I didn't know if someone on this site knew anything about this. Thanks for your wise advice, though.
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    Contact the accreditation entity themselves:

    r call:
    [B]American Association of Colleges of Nursing
    One Dupont Circle, NW Suite 530
    Washington, DC 20036
    Phone: (202) 463-6930
    Fax: (202) 785-8320

    I'm sure they can help
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    Good for you for checking into this. Many students don't think to check accreditation.
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    Take Stcroix's advice and check with CCNE themselves. You want to be very careful about going to programs that are not yet accredited and be sure to understand the risks if they do not gain accreditation.
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    I'll check it out. Has anyone heard any stories about students getting mixed up with unaccredited schools?Thanks for the info
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    ISU not recognized by all states

    I just found out that even if you go to an accredited doesn't mean if you move the state you move too might not acceot your schooling and will not give you a license. Which just blows my mind.