Romantic evening with a nursing student...

  1. 12 I really love this one.

    How many have experienced this? Did your partner ever plan a romantic night only to have it turned into a study night?

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    This hits home more than anyone could know. I remember dating during my nurses training, and after having to be at the hospital for clinicals at 6:30 AM, falling asleep EVERY time we went to the drive-in :zzzzz(this dates me, I know, because there are few drive-ins left) I got married 2 days before graduation, and a week before taking the Nursing Boards. Our honeymoon was spent at this beautifully quaint 'bed and breakfast' in the mountains of Virginia . The weather and scenery was perfect, but I actually did spent several hours a day having my husband ask me questions from my NCLEX study book. I remember trying to learn the 'normal values' for potassium, sodium, etc... Well it did make it a very memorable honeymoon
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    I told the husband he'd get his wife back after nursing school. As May approaches, I dread that I'll have to extend my "return" until after NCLEX. Oh, and then isn't the first 6 months of actual paid nursing a hellish bath in the burning hell water of reality? OK, so maybe we will get romance by Christmas?
    I try to balance and have "date nights" but I find it difficult to shut off the madness that is my brain in nursing school.
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    Reminds me of my dh and I during nursing school.......we'd finally get the kids in bed, take our showers, watch a little TV in bed.........and then I'd haul out the books and get started on homework. Romance? What is this 'romance' you speak of??
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    Anatomy was a fun class. A sharpie and some "canvas" really jogs the memory.....
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    the nursing assessment of the reproductive system class, for some reason i did very good in that class
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    Probably won't experience this but I love the cartoon. My husband is busy himself with work, and other activities. He's understanding and supportive. He'd never say or do this and neither would I.

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