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I've seen a few posts recommending a rolling suitcase for use instead of a bookbag, etc. Are we talking carry-on size? What dimentions? I'm starting an ADN program in the fall, but I already have a BA degree and a master's... Read More

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    Quote from ImKosher
    Maybe you need to give up those heels. Lol.

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    I wish I could leave my rolling backpack at home but unfortunately, I cannot find digital versions of my textbooks and I've looked on amazon, barnes & noble, cheggs, etc...
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    My school is suppose to give us laptops with our E-books on them so hopefully I wont need one!
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    I don't think I've ever had a teacher make us bring a book to school (except once when a teacher wanted to go through the drug guide with us in term 1 to point out some important bits). I haven't had clinical instructors ask me to bring textbooks either - there are books on the unit/the computers. I'm going into 3rd year btw.

    My backpack only has a clipboard, pencil bag, water, and my lunch. My laptop too if a class is really boring (but lately I have been getting by with my cellphone).

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