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    It has been a long time since I have posted here, but read as much as I can around school, family and work.

    I have a question regarding a research project I am planning to do this semester. I would like to do a study on nursing students who are considered "non-traditional" (2nd degree, older, mothers, fathers, etc) and some of the differences they face in nursing school. I am working on a questionnaire to be answered by those who are willing to be involved. Is there a good place to put this study online - such as Survey Monkey or something like that? Or is it better completed and either mailed or emailed? Is it kosher to ask for participants on sites like allnurses or allstudentnurses?

    I have done one research project already and presented a poster at the SNRS conference last week as an undergrad. But it was a secondary study to my research professor's dissertation topic. I am fortunate to go to a school that allows undergrads - no encourages them - to be involved in research. I love it - I would just like to do something r/t non-traditional students and how nursing schools can help them face the unique challenges they have.

    Thanks for reading this!

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    I guess I'm considered a non-traditional student so you can PM me if you want me to answer your questions.
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    Is it a long survey? I am a "non-traditional" student. I wouldn't mind answering! Send me a PM
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    I'm also a non-traditional student, you can pm me if you'd like me to participate.
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    hi, i am definately a non-tradtional student. you are welcome to pm me.
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    You can PM me too!
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    Count me in. Older (40+) and a second degree nurse. PM when you get your survey together.
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    I'm pretty non-traditional too (50 - 2nd degree/career, etc.) and would be happy to answer the survey questions.
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    I am non-traditional (35 & online program). PM me when you have the survey.
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    I am 35, a single mother, in college for the second time. You can PM me, too.

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