Regular Backpack versus Rolling Backpack

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    Hello! I will be starting my first semester of nursing school in January and I need a backpack. I am deciding if I should get a rolling backpack or not. Give me advice!!!

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    I am starting NS in about 10 days and I am definitely getting a rolling backpack. The books are very heavy, plus my laptop, and my lunch. It seems convienent.
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    Rolling backpack all the way!!! Once you get your nursing textbooks you will be glad!!! If money is tight you can get one for 20-30 dollars on amazon. Name brand Olympia. My nursing classmates and I all bought one with different designs!!!
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    If you're going to be bringing your books and laptop every day then I'd get a rolling backpack, especially if you have a lot of walking to do.
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    Rolling, even if you don't have a lot of walking the books are still heavy. I have a pretty color and people definitely know its me coming down the hallway haha. Though it sometimes does get top heavy. I'm going to start carrying two plastic crates in my car so my bag isn't so heavy.
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    I never needed more than 1-2 books for class so went with a regular old backpack.
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    I would suggest a rolling backpack. I work at my campus bookstore and the sheer amount of books I see nursing students carrying around would dissuade me from carrying a regular backpack.

    I know when I start school in August, a rolling backpack will be at the top of my list of supplies.
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    I think it depends on the school and what you're required to bring. I've always used just a regular backpack with no trouble, nobody in my class uses a rolling one.
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    Thanks yall! I think I will just wait and see how the first week goes before I buy anything.
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    Just make sure it is made from durable material. My 1st semester my backpack tore halfway through. My one textbook is 10lbs and we need it every day. Another strategy is to make friends with the person beside you and share the load. We sit at tables of two and the first semester I brought one of the heavy books and my table partner brought the other one, it worked well.

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