Preparing for 1st Semester of Nursing School

  1. I was hoping current nursing students, former nursing students, and future nursing students could all contribute to this thread. I wanted to have everyone write lists of the top 10 items you need for school. I know everyone has their own personal things to help them succeed. If everyone can contribute hopefully we can all benefit and better prepare ourselves for school.

    I know I am very nervous for school to start in August. I would like to be prepared and feel very lost right now. I am going to start reviewing my anatomy and pharmacology books. I know there is more....

    Thanks ahead of time everyone!!!
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  3. by   Mrs.Priss
    I am also preparing for first semester and would love to read the responses to this post! I feel like my list Of things I need/want is a mile long!!!
  4. by   MissTT
    I will be starting in August as well! I know how you feel! I want to buy my books soon so I can start reading but everyone has said I should just wait and enjoy my summer because in August it will be nonstop studying!
  5. by   Camwill
    I am starting this fall and I knew I would be restless til school starts so I am enrolled in summer school. I am taking pathophysiology and I feel like the time is flying by. This class keeps me busy
  6. by   amarinez26
    A rolling backpack will be your best friend! Its definitely a lifesaver. Also, if you are taking pharm, there is a little note card book with medications, that will really help!
  7. by   JBudd
    I recommend my students keep a small notebook, sized to easily tuck in the uniform pants pocket, for taking quick notes. Jot down any abbreviations, mnemonics, questions as they pop up so you can revisit them later. Can't always ask questions at the time. Also, if you need to scribble down vital signs, or anything you need to be precise on, but don't have the chart handy.

    I start my students off with an abbreviations/mnemonics list, and encourage them to add to it as they go. We tend to speak in all=capped letters, and think everyone knows what they are, . Just a few to start: ADL, ABC, AKA & BKA, Tx, Dx, Rx. Basically change any word into the first letter and add an x, lol. To nurses, lol can be little old lady as often as not.

    ADL: activity of daily living
    ABC: airway, breathing, circulation OR appearance, behavior, cognition OR area, border, color
    AKA: above knee amputation OR also known as
    Tx: treatment Dx: diagnosis Rx: prescription
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  8. by   OB-nurse2013
    Okay I would first like to say congrats!!! Nursing school is a lot of fun I am a going into my senior year of my BSN program this August, so this is my top ten.
    1. I use a binder for each theory class and one multi-binder for clinicals so I can keep all clinical info together and this is helpful when doing careplans, clinical homework, or keeping clinical papers all in one place.
    2. A nice clinical bag with lots of places for all your equipment, papers, binders, and lunch.
    3. Money for starbucks
    4. A good stethoscope
    5. Good shoes
    6. A recorder
    7. Lot's of redbull
    8. Bandage scissors (I bought some after my second semester and for the couple bucks I use them all the time
    9. A clipboard
    10. I was gonna say sleep but I forgot a very important one is to have a good organizer that you can you use easily, its a must
  9. by   ♑ Capricorn ♑
    i agree alot with what iluvpatho said above. so, right off the top of my head, this is what i came up with:

    1. support hose/stockings (teds?) - your legs and feet will thank you after 8 hour clinicals, is what i hear.

    2. a sense of humor - laughter is sometimes the best medicine

    3. a nurse kit - scissors, pen light, forceps, multi-colored pens, caliper or ruler, watch with 2nd hand)

    4. a healthy diet, exercise, and sleep - take care of yourself

    5. sugar & caffeine - late nights and early mornings

    6. a positive attitude - no other way to be

    7. questions - because we don't know everything

    8. support system - we all need someone

    9. a designated study area - with a calendar, eraser board, study supplies, and music

    10. goals & rewards - short and longterm goals, reward yourself each time you tackle one
  10. by   LB_RN2B
    Excited and terrified!!!! N taking alll survival advice!!! I start for my BSN in August!!
  11. by   RonnieDita
    You guys are awesome thank you so much. I hope this thread keeps going. I know all of us students need all the help we can get!!!
  12. by   SC4Nurse2B
    Love these tips. I am 48 and starting my first semester in August. Keep the tips coming! Thank you!
  13. by   2bNurseCai
    I'm so glad this thread is up! I am starting my RN in September and I have been spending lots of time looking up study aides and reading these forums! I think I'm most nervous about managing my time and motivating myself into better study habits. Any thoughts? Also, for anyone know if Mary Ann Hogan's "Reviews and Rationales" series is any good?
  14. by   IndyElmer
    Here's an old thread that you mind find interesting -

    (Toward the end, someone has compiled a list of all (or nearly all) of the suggested items)