Practice test questions for Nursing Fundamentals and more. Practice test questions for Nursing Fundamentals and more. | allnurses

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Practice test questions for Nursing Fundamentals and more.

  1. 0 I am looking for practice test questions. I have looked at past threads and people suggested using the NCLEX study books for good practice questions. What is a good practice NCLEX book that has questions in all categories. Any other suggestions such as web sites or anyting else is much appreciated.

    My schools tests, in all classes, tests like the NCLEX so as to prepare you for it.

    Thanks for your time.

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    I Suggest Lippencott's Nclex Review Book. It Is Much More Organized By Headings.
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    I just recently bought the lippincotts review for nclex-pn 7th edition and thecomprehensive review for the nclex-pn 2nd edition by saunders and these books are WONDERFUL! I'm not sure if you're going for RN or LPN though. The lippincott just has questions for each section where the saunders has info on the subject matter as well as questions at the end of each section. Oh and saunders also has med sections that go with each disorder.
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    Saunders or Lippincotts were what I used in school.

    I used to also use those books to help me study for exams- they could sometimes break the information down better for me than my regular textbooks could. Especially before a final- I would read the chapters for that particular course (OB, Pedi, etc)
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    I have used Saunders from day one.....It has really been helpful to me. Everything is put into neat little sections/easy to understand. Does your textbook have a website or CD with it? I found that to be a help as well, & there are usually questions at the end of each chapter. Good luck
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    I have Lippincott and Saunders and I love my new Saunders book. It has lots of review plus it contains a CD with lots and lots of questions. You just pop it into your computer and select the section and it begins quizzing you and gives you the rationales at the end. Love it!
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    Can anyone PLEASE sent me that "lippincott's questions" ?? PLEASE!?

    I'l be weeeery gratefull !!!

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    can anyone remember anything from the fundamentals of nursing tests that i can study i am desperate, i only have one more test and i need a 90 in order to go on please help
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    I have this book and find it useful.
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    Kaplan and Mosby's Comprehensive have all the questions broken down into systems (resp, cardiac, GI...etc)
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    My class really liked this site for test questions.
    It wasn't our text, but we scanned the table of contents for the right subject, then used the questions. HTH
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    For Fundamentals ... I suggest a book called Fundamentals Success. I don't have the book with me because it was for last year but I'm using the Med-Surg Success and I believe they are by the same authors. Colgrove and Callicoatt. I also used Test Success and they help a lot.