Is Physics the most difficult class?

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    I was wondering if you guys could help me settle a discussion. I am currently taking Chem I and Anatomy and Physiology as a course load. One of my friends is taking Physics. She keeps on telling me that physics is more difficult than anything that I am taking.. I am not too competitive but I am getting sick of hearing it... So is it more difficult?? If so, than I am scared to take it..



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    Hi Terri,

    Unfortunatly I can not answer your question. However, if you don't mind, may I ask you how you are doing in Chem 1 and Anat and physi? I am set up to take the two in the Spring. Do these two keep you studying all of the time?

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    I know alot of people would disagree with me. But I absolutely love anatomy and physiology. It is alot of work. But utterly facinating...... I really love the disections and finding out the inner workings.. I can wait to take a&p II.

    Chemisty is more of a chore. But if you are organized you will like chem. It is a little like math in my opinion. Only one right answer. Chemists put everything into categories.. If you like that concept then you will like Chemisty.

    Yes I do have to study for both but not tooo crazy.. I have found flash cards helpful. I know that is I reach my ultimate goal of RN and maybe CRNA I have alot more Chem in my future.

    I hope that helps.

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    Thanks for the input. I really appreciate it. I will let you know how it goes. My best to you and the rest of your semester.
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    I have a couple degrees already, including one in Computer Science for which I had to take University Physics for Scientists and Engineers. It was truly the most awful experience I have ever had to suffer through. Way more difficult than any nursing class could ever be, and I had A's in classes like Calculus.

    Physics was the type of class where you look around a few weeks after the course has begun and half the lecture hall seats are empty already. Just to survive the class was an accomplishment. It really is that difficult. I hated every minute of it. For 2 semesters I had to suffer through studying that material a few hours every day, 6 and 7 days per week. Often for 5 hours per day, the material was so hard.

    Everyone I have ever talked to has a story about their Physics class. Chances are that you will have the same experience if you have to take the class. In my class the professor had been teaching nuclear physics at a naval academy before he retired to teach classes at a community college. Although things are a bit easier at the community college level, the professor had the opportunity to do whatever he wanted. So it was a challenge every day. I had a combination of daily fear and headache.

    Hopefully, your friend is taking the life science version of Physics. It is easier than the course that I had to take, but still quite difficult, especially if you have no background in Physics. Is this course required for your friend's degree program? I could not imagine wanting to take this as a science elective. Too much work for too little return.

    Chemistry is very difficult, though it is not as bad as Physics. You should not have to take more than a year of Chemistry. Some degree programs require only one semester of it. With only one semester you don't get an introduction to organic chemistry and biochemistry, so watch out.
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    Thanks for the physics info..
    Yes she needs it for a pre vet admission.. I will try to stay clear of this one...
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    Terri, I have a chemistry degree - got that before I realized I had to earn a living wage - so...when I studied in college, physics was not the most difficult course, but I will say it was the most difficult to grasp. I remember making the highest grade in the class on my first college physics test, and I had no clue about the stuff. I could not have taught anyone else how to solve/answer the problem. I ended up with a B+ in that class. I still do not know much about physics. It is a mystery. I think the hardest class was physical chemistry. I absoultly love love love physiology -
    try WilsonPatho page at :
    good luck - frankie
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    Definitely not. I took physics as an elective because I loved it in highschool, very fun class, challenging and stimulating but definitely not the most difficult course I took... It just requires strong math skills.

    Anatomy requires a lot of memorization and lab time, Physiology requires a lot of critical thinking and lab time, and Chemistry requires a lot of memorization, critical thinking, math and lab time.

    Physics is different than A&P and Chemistry, but not harder... It definitely doesn't stack up to the work load taking two science classes with labs in one semester. Hang in there, your friend is probably just venting.
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    Physics is really cool, but I'd say Anatomy is harder. I took Physics in High school and college, and loved it! It's so neat to learn about how the world works. A&P is also really cool, but there are SO many terms to memorize. I also really like Chemistry--guess I'm just a science kind of person! It's all great to me!!
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    I took physics as an elective course. I cannot say that I really understood it (just as I can say I did not really understand statistics), but I could do it and it was actually an easy A for me.

    Algebra was harder than physics but not awful. Anatomy and physiology required more study for me than most other classes, but I loved the subjects. I wouldn't have a problem taking another class in any of these.

    Chemistry, however, was truly awful and I would never again willingly take a chemistry class. I simply could not get it, no matter how much I studied. I did get a B, barely.

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