Orientation tomorrow!

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    Hi Everybody!
    I have orientation for the nursing program tomorrow and silly though it may be, I am soooooo excited!
    Anyone else have orientation coming up? Anyone else excited like me?!?

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    My orientation isn't for another month but I'm excited to get started. Let us know how it goes.
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    Mine isn't until next month also. I'm so excited for you. Can't wait to hear how it goes. We want details!!!
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    I had my orientation two weeks ago and was also very excited it was really early considering i start in august but we have a second orientation a week before our program begins and we're going to do basic skills in the lab such as donning clean/sterile gloves and gowns. we already have a ton of reading and assignments to do for the summer which was a big shock for me. hope you enjoy your orientation
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    I start orientation at USF the 28th & 29th! It's a two day event ! Should I be excited about that? lol b/c I am! I've had a lot of things to prepare in the mean time- Hippa certification, getting my immunizations (my arm still hurts lol ), background checks, ordering lab kits, picking my hospitals for clinicals, etc. etc. Can't wait for school to start. Hope ur orientation goes well :-)
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    We had one on may 6th but I missed it because my grandmother passed away and I was 5000 miles away. The school was great and completely understood (I love this place). We have our next orientation on August 17 (my birthday lol) and 18 along with our pledging ceremony and class picture. I go to UH Manoa and I am soooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    i had orientation july 8 where we where told about what to buy for clinicals and all the health documents we need to go to clinical , we have two more the week before school starts in aug we have the whole son orientation and the kaplan review orientation the day after. so still in the dark about some things but for the most part i know whats going on with schedule and ect. and i felt like it was the first day of school so i feel your excitement.
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    I have orientation on July 28th It will last for 8hr. I bet they will cover every detail! Can't wait!
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    Mine is today as well! Have fun.
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    mine isn't until Aug 18th - and I'm really pumped!

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