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I do not know whether this question has been asked before on this board, but I am wondering if there is an online BSN program one can do simultaneously while doing their ADN prgoram. I have checked... Read More

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    If there are, it's probably a special arrangement with a particular ADN program, not something available to the general public. I think I've seen a poster on here talking about doing BSN work before graduating.

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    Santa monica college- cal state uni. Dominguez hills. (rn-bsn while taking adn)

    good luck
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    I know of one school that has "duel enrollment" in its BSN completion program for students in the local Community College ADN program -- if (and only if) they have a bachelor's degree in another field. Those students take their clinical courses at the Community College while they simultaneously take theory courses and cognates from the University. When they graduate with their ADN, they have only 1 more full time semester to finish at the University for their BSN.

    Another option might be to enroll as a special student at a univeristy and take some of the prerequistie courses, electives, etc. that would then be counted towards your BSN later. You wouldn't actually be enrolled in their nursing program (and there would be no guarantee that you would be accepted into their program) ... but you would be taking courses that would offer credits that would count toward the BSN and/or be transferred to another program later. That's a little risky, but it might be do-able.
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    i would check with your college, or colleges that you want to attend.

    i have never heard of this [not saying there isn't one that exists], i have only ever heard of getting your ADN and then BSN or diving right in and doing the BSN.

    good luck!
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    Have you taken any prereqs for BSN programs? That's probably your only choice of your school doesn't sponsor an early admission program.

    RN-BSN programs are for RNs - people who have graduated from a program and passed the NCLEX. So you're not going to find one just floating around.
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    You might want to be careful about the details of the graduation requirements at the schools. Many schools require that X amount of hours have to be taken consecutively and exclusively at their school. That way somebody that is close to graduating can't transfer in and take one semester of classes and graduate with a degree from the unoversity.

    The reason is it wouldn't be fair for someone to take 128 hours of classes at a less prestigous or cheaper school and then take their last 12 at the more famous school but still get the same degree as someone who did.
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    Quote from cally527
    Please do not take this the wrong way... If you want to be a nurse, then stop looking for shortcuts! The path to getting your BSN is supposed to be tough and taking shortcuts will not get you where you want to be.
    I understand the path to get a BSN is supposed to be tough. I understand that some ADN programs are connected to universities that allow you to complete your BSN at the same time, correct me If I am wrong.

    When I meant shortcut, I didnt mean it in a way to hurriedly finish my BSN without learning the rigorous curriculum of a nurse. I meant It in a way where I can find all the options that are available to me so I can finish in a timely manner.

    Anyway, thanks for your advice
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    Quote from hnguyen509
    Santa monica college- cal state uni. Dominguez hills. (rn-bsn while taking adn)

    good luck
    Do you mean that santa monica college and Dominguez Hills allows you to take courses credited toward your bsn while you are in the adn program? I thought santa monic was a community college, so how would this be possible. I understand Dominguez is a 4 year college, so it may be be probable. Just asking to clarify. I will call them to make sure. Thanks!!!
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    Google is your friend

    IF you are in the nursing program at Santa Monica or stuck on the wait list there you can qualify to take BSN classes at CSU.

    If you're in another program, it isn't applicable unless you're considering going to sit on the wait list at Santa Monica instead.
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    I'm not really sure. But what I have done is: I looked up all of the required courses for the bsn/msn program I would like to bridge to after my ADN and I have been fulfilling those courses. Not everyone likes to take on 13-15 credit hours a semester but it's worth it to me. After this semester I will only be like 5 classes away from completing all of the required classes (besides the nursing ones of course). I'm waiting now to hear if I made it into the ADN program for the Fall. I don't think taking shortcuts is really the way to go. Anyways, after the ADN i will receive my BSN after two semesters since I have those classes done. Good luck! hope you find a solution!

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