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  1. Heidi Müller

    Sheridan Memorial Hospital

    I am curious about Sheridan Memorial Hospital in Sheridan, Wyoming. Would anyone familiar with the facility care to share information about quality of patient care, staff satisfaction, nursing ratios, etc.? I would like to learn more. Thank you! :)
  2. Heidi Müller

    Online BSN program while doing ADN program

    Hi! Yes, it is possible to do this in some circumstances depending on where you live. I happen to be in Wyoming, and the University of Wyoming has a special LEAP track whereby Wyoming ADN students may simultaneously pursue the university's online RN-BSN program. I was able to apply to the university program immediately after my ADN application was approved and started taking classes for both programs in the fall of 2010--I just finished my ADN program last month and now have only a few classes remaining to finish the BSN as well, so I am very thankful for the way it has worked out. :) I do think, though, that this is probably not the norm--I looked at a number of different programs back in 2010, and UW was the only university I could find that allowed early entry like this. (We only have one university in this state, and they go out of their way to work with Wyoming community college students). Good luck!
  3. Heidi Müller

    What kind of stethoscope?

    You might enjoy looking at these product comparison articles/charts: http://www.forusdocs.com/reviews/Acoustic_Stethoscope_Review.htm and http://www.steeles.com/catalog/chart.html. I found these sites to be very helpful in trying to decide which stethoscope to buy for nursing school. Ultimately, I settled on Littmann's Cardiology III and ordered it off of http://www.reddingmedical.com. Have you by any chance looked at Littmann's digital stethoscopes if you have severe hearing loss? Best wishes!
  4. Heidi Müller

    Has anyone attended the University of Wyoming?

    Hi Again!:) Wow! That must be incredibly frustrating! So you didn't receive a Program of Study attached to your admission notification email? With classes starting next week, I would be tempted to start calling the RN/BSN office multiple times a day if necessary to get a response. This must be so frustrating, and I do hope it works out.
  5. Heidi Müller

    Has anyone attended the University of Wyoming?

    MickyB-RN, I'm curious--have you decided to go ahead with UW's program? I was also accepted into the RN/BSN curriculum earlier this summer and am looking forward to starting UW classes next week. Like you, I've found communication to be a bit of an issue--but I've also been impressed at how different faculty/staff will absolutely go out of their way to try to accommodate my questions, etc. And, based on my research, UW is very definitely a good university. From my (albeit rather limited!) contact with the nursing department, I've concluded that I must 1.) be as persistent as necessary with phone calls/questions until I have good answers and 2.) basically take responsibility for doing my own advising. --Not that that is necessarily such a bad thing--it just forces a person to take a bit more ownership of his education! =) If it is of any help to you, I've found the Advisor and Coordinator of the RN/BSN program to be incredibly helpful. Best wishes!!