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  1. Heidi Müller

    What kind of stethoscope?

    You might enjoy looking at these product comparison articles/charts: http://www.forusdocs.com/reviews/Acoustic_Stethoscope_Review.htm and http://www.steeles.com/catalog/chart.html. I found these sites to be very helpful in trying to decide which stethoscope to buy for nursing school. Ultimately, I settled on Littmann's Cardiology III and ordered it off of http://www.reddingmedical.com. Have you by any chance looked at Littmann's digital stethoscopes if you have severe hearing loss? Best wishes!
  2. Heidi Müller

    Has anyone attended the University of Wyoming?

    Hi Again!:) Wow! That must be incredibly frustrating! So you didn't receive a Program of Study attached to your admission notification email? With classes starting next week, I would be tempted to start calling the RN/BSN office multiple times a day if necessary to get a response. This must be so frustrating, and I do hope it works out.
  3. Heidi Müller

    Has anyone attended the University of Wyoming?

    MickyB-RN, I'm curious--have you decided to go ahead with UW's program? I was also accepted into the RN/BSN curriculum earlier this summer and am looking forward to starting UW classes next week. Like you, I've found communication to be a bit of an issue--but I've also been impressed at how different faculty/staff will absolutely go out of their way to try to accommodate my questions, etc. And, based on my research, UW is very definitely a good university. From my (albeit rather limited!) contact with the nursing department, I've concluded that I must 1.) be as persistent as necessary with phone calls/questions until I have good answers and 2.) basically take responsibility for doing my own advising. --Not that that is necessarily such a bad thing--it just forces a person to take a bit more ownership of his education! =) If it is of any help to you, I've found the Advisor and Coordinator of the RN/BSN program to be incredibly helpful. Best wishes!!